mr. Gnome – Deliver This Creature

Cleveland, Ohio duo mr. Gnome has a highly unique sound that brings to mind a blend of the best possible aspects of Denali, Death From Above 1979, Nicole Reynolds and Miss Pussycat. The band’s debut full-length CD, Deliver This Creature, is 10 tracks of catchy hard rock, but it’s also so much more than that. The first time I listened to Deliver This Creature, I knew I’d found a new favorite band.

Singer/guitarist Nicole Barille and drummer/pianist Sam Meister, who also provides backing vocals, have created a magnificent album that is sure to please. Deliver This Creature, featuring an almost decidedly creepy album cover (left), kicks off with “Pirates,” a track featuring a haunting guitar melody and showcases the sweet and soft aspect of Barille’s vocals. One of my favorite things about this disc is the many different vocal stylings Barille implements, making each track unique and beautiful.

“Rabbit,” the album’s second track, shows off the different styles of music mr. Gnome excels in playing. Melodic guitar riffs harmonize with Barille’s beautiful vocals transform into loud, distorted riffs, which later mellow out, yet retain their drive all in the span of 5 minutes and 41 seconds. The album’s title track begins with the soft, eerie chanting of “Tie my hands / Where are you taking me?” over hand claps provided by Mark Meister. A hard bass line begins and shredding guitar riffs explode into a fast-paced frenzy just before Barille’s powerful voice bursts through, reminding me of Maura Davis in her Denali days.

“The Machine” offers a marching drum beat with rapid-paced riffs and Joanna Newsom-esque vocals before “Night of the Crickets” slows the pace a bit with Meister’s melodic keys behind sweet, breathy vocals and warped riffs. Chaos ensues with “I’m Alright,” in which Barille almost pounds on her guitar while frantically screaming, “Hold me down / You know I’ll fight / Just keep me down with all your might” before the dynamic shifts and the vocals mellow out into Barille’s sweeter side. The mellow end of “I’m Alright” provides the perfect transition for the airy and ambient “Silhouette.”

“Thief,” track 8, is hard and driving, offering passionate and almost stressed vocals as Meister pounds on the drums harder, faster, and more intense than any other song on Deliver This Creature while Barille, again, shreds on her guitar. “After The Sun” is another song with changing dynamics. It begins with strange screams over heavy drums and cymbal crashes followed by loud yipping before transitioning into soft “oohs,” than reverting to its original shredding riffs and yipping. Deliver This Creature ends on a softer note while introducing Eric Weiden on trumpet and piano.

Deliver This Creature is absolutely one of my favorite releases of 2008 and is sure to snag a spot in the top 3 come “Best of 2008” list time. The disc drops May 6th, but mr. Gnome will be celebrating a bit early with their CD release party on April 25th at Beachland Tavern in Cleveland (more tour dates below). Do yourself a favor and pick up Deliver This Creature when in lands. I’ve been listening almost non-stop since I got my hands on it. My only complaint? No scheduled shows in Philadelphia. I guess Cleveland really does rock.

Tour Dates:
Apr 25 – The Beachland Tavern/Cleveland, Ohio (CD RELEASE PARTY)
May 02 – Union Hall/Brooklyn, New York
May 03 – The Knitting Factory/New York, New York
May 04 – PA’s Lounge/Boston, Massachusetts
May 10 – The Springwater/Nashville, Tennessee
May 12 – Smith’s Olde Bar/Atlanta, Georgia
May 13 – Tasty World/Athens, Georgia
May 14 – The Nick/Birmingham, Alabama
May 15 – The Circle Bar/New Orleans, Louisiana
May 16 – Rudyard’s British Pub/Houston, Texas
May 17 – Club Dada/Dallas, Texas
May 18 – The Beauty Bar/Austin, Texas
May 20 – Mojo’s/Columbia, Missouri
May 21 – The Record Bar/Kansas City, Missouri
May 22 – The Waiting Room/Omaha, Nebraska
May 23 – The Annex/Madison, Wisconsin
May 26 – 3 Kings/Denver, Colorado
May 27 – The Urban Lounge/Salt Lake City, Utah
May 28 – Neurolux/Boise, Idaho
May 29 – The Towne Lounge/Portland, Oregon
May 30 – Sunset Tavern/Seattle, Washington
May 31 – Le Voyeur/Olympia, Washington
Jun 03 – The Stork Club/Oakland, California
Jun 04 – Beauty Bar/San Diego, California
Jun 06 – The Knitting Factory/Los Angeles, California
Jun 07 – Plush/Tucson, Arizona
Jun 09 – Atomic Cantina/Albuquerque, New Mexico
Jun 10 – OKC Info Shop/Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Jun 14 – Ronnie’s/Chicago, Illinois

mr. Gnome: website | myspace
El Marko Records: website | myspace


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