Interview With: Adam Russell of White Rabbits

After being run out of the lounge of the Uptown Theater, a six round game of phone tag, and a near death experience involving myself being run over with several giant crates while trying to make it backstage, I managed to catch up with Adam Russell of the Brooklyn-based band, White Rabbits.

Just another day at work, right? Our conversation can be seen below.

Joshua, PopWreckoning: Hey! So you guys are really close to home. Did you get the chance to stop and hang out with friends on your way though? Maybe grab some Shakespeare Pizza or something?
Adam Russell: Actually, we did. We played at Mojo’s in Columbia (Missouri) yesterday. It was a lot of fun and we got to see a bunch of our friends.
PW: Very cool. Going home is always nice. When did you guys make the move to Brooklyn?
AR: It was about three years ago.
PW: So you’ve been there a while.
AR: Yep.
PW: That’s nice. You guys are known for your energy, switching instruments on stage, and doing cover songs. What covers do you usually do?
AR: Well, we just retired “Maggie’s Farm,” a Bob Dylan song, but right now we’re sans covers that we like to play. We did do Randy Newman‘s “The Beehive State.” We’ve got that on the B-side of our seven inch or something like that. But that’s about it.
PW: And now I want to hear you sing about how fucked up Kansas is on that seven inch. That’s awesome! The dreaded question, here it comes. How often do you get mistaken for the guy from Story of the Year, since you guys share a name?
AR: Apparently quite a bit as it was pointed out to me about six, seven months ago. Wikipedia actually said we were the same guy. And, some website that was run by PETA, a website that tries to get people to be vegetarians, also said we were the same guy.
PW: Yeah. There’s a big disclaimer on your band’s Wikipedia now. I found it pretty amusing.
AR: Yeah, one of our friends modified that.
PW: Probably a good move. That’s not really a band I would want to be confused with. Especially since you guys have such a unique set, you know with the duel drummers and multiple singers. How do you feel that enhances your band? Furthermore, do you feel that it puts you at any disadvantage? For example, do some venues have trouble doing sound for you or something?
AR: It’s all part of the songwriting process. We warn them that we need the second drummer to get the record sound across. It’s very percussive and rhythmic. And we have our own sound guy who come on the road with us. Well, we go between two sound guys. So we’re equipped to handle a number of situations.
PW: Perfect. Just curious. What are you currently listening to?
AR: Um.. I just got the new Breeders record. I’m really digging the slower songs. I think as a whole it’s really…not great. But the slow down songs, are like raspy, A minor, sad songs. Oh, and the new Portishead is amazing.
PW: I actually haven’t gotten to check that out yet. Now I have to. Did you guys do South by South West this year?
AR: Yes, we did.
PW: Who’d you see?
AR: The only person I saw the entire time I was in Austin was Kevin Barnes because he played right before us. It was pretty sweet however.
PW: My last question is, you’ve gotten to play shows with Richard Swift, Spoon, the Walkmen, and Kaiser Chiefs, but who have been your favorite bands to play dates with?
AR: Um… Richard Smith was amazing. I mean, I feel like he’s completely under appreciated. His songwriting is just amazing. That was a lot of fun. The Audio are great. There a blast. We toured with them out west. The Subjects. They are probably our biggest friends. We just recently played a benefit with them.
PW: I definitely have to check them out. And I’m sure you’ve got things to do so I’ll get our of your way. But thank you for the wonderful interview.
AR: My pleasure. Have a good night.

White Rabbits: website | myspace


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