A Message from the Extraordinaires

Dear Extraordinaires Superfans!,

Another month has passed since the last Punk Rock Payroll newsletter. Since then The Extraordinaires finished their most successful and fun tour to date! A special thanks to Man Man for bringing us along! Another special thanks shall go to Frede and Misty for making it possible for us to bring our amazing merch to set on the table every night!

Unfortunately, the tour couldn’t last forever, and we are now at home recuperating from the lack of showers and sleep that the road wasn’t able to offer.

Right now Justin is in Charlottesville hanging out with his mommy and daddy. I’m sure they are very happy to have him around!

Jacob is hanging out with his roomates in West Philly in their hot tub drinking PBR (poor Jacob).

Peter Hurd is back at work and making Alice (his girlfriend) happy. He never takes a break from being awesome.

If you are in the Philly area, his other band Company Corevette is going to play at the tattoo convention on April 18th. Definitely go check them out and get that tattoo you’ve always wanted.
Jay is working his ass off trying to make some extra money for his China vacation he is about to go on. He’s going to fly out in about a week with his darling mother (Hi, Joann) to visit his sister, Andrea, who has been living out there for about a year or two now! Jay will be missed.

Since I’ve been home, I have cut my hair, and now my friends have a harder time recognizing me. I just finished making a birthday present for my mother, Moira.


We have a show coming up this weekend at Haverford College. It is happening Sat. April 19th, probably around 8ish pm. If you are in the Philly area, come check it out. After that show, Jay will be leaving directly for the airport (lucky bastard).

All of us in The Extraordinaires are currently writing as much music as humanly possible, gearing up for a new album we will begin recording in June! You should start buying extra socks now to stock up, because they will be rocked off when you hear the new album!

If you live in Philly, we will see you around! If you live elsewhere we will see you in the fall!

Love, Matt Gibson
and the rest of The Extraordinaires Crew

The Extraordinaires: website | myspace
Punk Rock Payroll: website | myspace
[where: 19145]
[where: 19145]


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