A Message From Kill You In The Face

Spring has arrived here in the City of Brotherly Love. It’s time to read comics on the stoop, and drink on the roof. It’s also time to have band practice with all the windows open and remind the neighbors how hard we rock.

The tail end of winter was pretty good to us, and the spring/summer is shaping up nicely. Let’s review…

– March saw our first release, The Battle of the Vans 7″. It’s 16 minutes of the latest from Punk Rock Payroll that’s pressed on red and white vinyl and wrapped in a board game.

– We now have T-shirts available! They were designed by good friend and roommate Nick Cleary and printed by Frede Zimmer at the HQ in South Philly.

– March/ April saw our first string of shows under the PRP banner. They were awesome. You should try to catch one some time.

In the coming weeks, we will be doing a little recording and a lot of writing. We’ve got some new songs that we’re polishing up and will be worked into the live set.

June will be quiet for us as Ale heads to Columbia to visit family and sit on the beach. Some big plans for the end of summer are in the works, so keep your ears peeled and eyes to the ground!


Also, Kill You in the Face dudes were featured in this week’s local support podcast by Jon Solomon at the Philadelphia City Paper. The track “Diablo” from the Battle of the Vans 7″ is available for download on this page.

Kill You In The Face: myspace
Punk Rock Payroll: website | myspace

[where: 19145]

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