Strangers Die Every Day – MP3s

It makes sense that a beautiful city such as Portland, Or. would produce a band with a sound as equally beautiful. Strangers Die Every Day is four-piece instrumental indie rock outfit featuring a violin and cello, along with a bass guitar and drums, instead of the usual rock band accoutrements, affording them comparisons of ‘Wilco meets Mozart‘.

The band’s debut full length, Aperture For Departure, is available now through SoCal indie label This Generation Tapes. Strangers Die Every Day draws influence from Mogwai, Mono, and Spirit of Versailles, while keeping company with some exciting contemporaries. Previous tours have seen the band share a stage with Thurston Moore, Jello Biafra, Tristeza, Saul Williams, Adrian Belew, Rasputina, The Appleseed Cast, The North Atlantic, The Bad Plus, and many more.

You can download the tunes “Esther” here and “Bicycle” here. Be sure to tune into KBOO on April 23rd and KAOS on May 20th to catch the band live; online listening is available! Gotta love the internet.

Apr 23 – KBOO Live On-Air Performance, 9:30p/Portland, Oregon
Apr 25 – Ground Kontrol (KPSU Magazine Release)/Portland, Oregon
Apr 29 – Rotture w/ D Numbers and Blue Cranes/Portland, Oregon
May 20 – KAOS Live On-Air Performance, 2:00p/Olympia, Washington

Strangers Die Every Day:
This Generation Tapes: website | myspace


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