The Terrordactyls pay tribute to The Pharmacy on Mike Bowers EP

The Terrordactyls are paying tribute to Mike Bowers, father of The Pharmacy‘s Brendhan Bowers with the Mike Bowers EP out on Don’t Stop Believin’. The elder Bowers has done many good deeds over the years, and The Terrordactyls are thanking him for it, not by simply lumping him in with all the other “Thanks” in the liner notes, they’ve used his picture for the album’s cover and dedicated the EP to him. Pretty sweet.

The Terrordactyls’ quirky, lighthearted yet decidedly melancholic pop/anti-folk sound shines through on the recently released Mike Bowers EP , covering five songs by the Seattle indie-rock band (and close friends) The Pharmacy.

Here they use their signature classical guitar, toy pianos, and kazoos to take the edge off The Pharmacy’s old school spazz punk stylings by transforming them into perfect campfire songs. As a reference point to fans, we are happy to release The Pharmacy’s original versions that haven’t been previously available for download. The rare cut “Overcast Summer” was originally released on The Pharmacy’s “Overcast Summer” 7-inch and “Growing Old” on their 2005 debut album B.F.F.

Contrasting the original tracks and The Terrordactyls’ covers, listeners will be sure to appreciate the undeniable intimacy of “Overcast Summer” and the bittersweet sing along “Growing Old.”

“Overcast Summer” mp3s
The Pharmacy original version
The Terrordactyls’ cover version

“Growing Old” mp3s
The Pharmacy original version
The Terrordactyls’ cover version

Be sure to catch The Terrordactyls as they continue to tour and play exciting shows such as Denver’s Rhinoceropolis with Asthmatic Kitty‘s Half-Handed Cloud.

Tour Dates:
04/16 Madison, WI @ The Palindrome House
04/17 Minneapolis, MN @
04/18 Omaha, NE @
04/19 Boulder, CO @
Manatee Manor
04/20 Denver, CO @
04/21 Salt Lake City, UT @
The Boing Collective
04/22 Boise, ID @
04/23 Richland, WA @
04/24 Portland, OR @
04/25 Olympia, WA @
ABC House
04/26 Seattle, WA @
Vera Project

The Terrordactyls: website | myspace
Don’t Stop Believin’: website | myspace


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