M83: Saturdays = Youth

I know very little about the 80s. Hell, when it ended in 1989, I was pushing 10. Sure, I was born weeks after Lennon was shot, and a day before “Video Killed the Radio Star” took over the airwaves, but that doesn’t mean that I actually REMEMBER the 80’s. M83 on the other hand, certainly does, as their fifth studio album Saturdays = Youth could easily be dubbed over any cheesy John Hughes flick without a question of it’s production date.

With bass synthesizers and fluttering dance tracks spread throughout, the album captures the feel of leg warmers, glitter and feathered hair, while somehow remaining distant from the dreaded “concept album” label. At times, they remind me of New Order or The Cure, but without that dark creepy feel that tends to come with Robert Smith. They are most effective when featuring larger chord progressions,such as in the song “We Own The Sky.” Furthermore, being recorded with Ken Thomas, who has also worked with Sigur Rós, Saturdays = Youth has no problem featuring ambiance, as can be seen on tracks “Graveyard Girl” and “Too Late.” Hell, ambiance is what Anthony Gonzalez, also known as M83 is known for. So combining the two, seems like a no contest blueprint on the subject, right?

You can check it out yourself through clips on the bands website or myspace, or on tour. You should also feel free to pick up the groups album, in stores April 15th on Mute Records.

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