Frightened Rabbit: The Midnight Organ Fight

The opening line “A cripple walks among you,” pretty much sets the tone for Frightened Rabbit‘s new album, The Midnight Organ Fight. Sporting a “life really sucks and I have no problem complaining about it” approach to song writing, the band states structures like “I may not want you back / But i want to kill him,” and “I’m still in love with you / And can’t admit it yet.” Self-loathing is at an all time high. This ban is the Counting Crows, Dave Matthews Band and Ryan Adams, if those bands had bluntly written songs about being bitter about how much of a drag the day to day occurrences of living can be rather that poetically hiding it in lyrical fluff. The point I’m trying to make is that someone must have really pissed these kids on in their childhood. I wouldn’t be surprised if they had their lunch monies stolen, their dogs kicked by the neighbor kids, and their girlfriends stolen by the kids from the wrong side of the track. These guys have had more problems the Conor Oberst.

But still, with guitar hooks of the catchiest kind, the groups self loathing is something that can be overlooked. Sporting an almost bluegrass sound at times, behind slide guitar and twangy piano, this is a band I could see fitting quite comfortably into the line up of the Telluride Music Festival. Also overflowing with Scottish vocals and Celtic style progressions, Frightened Rabbit are also the type of band that I picture myself listen to in the local pub as I down warm beer. Either way, I bet they’ll put on one hell of a show.

You can check it out yourself, as they’ll travel from Glasgow, Scotland to the United States on their upcoming tour. Those dates can be seen on their myspace. Look for their album to appear in stores April 15th, 2008 on FatCat Records.


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