The New Frontiers – Mending

It seems as though every successful and memorable band these days has some sort of gimmick or quirk that makes them memorable or successful. Conor Oberst and Kevin Devine do well with being shy with shaky voices and political anthems. Stars and The Postal Service corner the market on dreamy, ethereal electro-pop. Dave Matthews has horns and Murder By Death has their post-punk, Johnny Cash motif.

With The New Frontiers, their gimmick is that there is no gimmick. Their album Mending is quite simply the most pure, beautiful music to reach my ears in I don’t know how long. Opening with the driving, yet transcendent “Black Lung,” the entire album is solid and cohesive. By the closer, “Who Will Give Us Love,” the listener is left breathless and wanting more. From the first sweeping chords on the LP, the words “oh God, yes,” escaped my lips before any words escaped the lips of singer Nathan Pettijohn. As a matter of fact, I listened to this album for four days straight, only to put it back in halfway through the album I had switched it for.

Fellow PopWrecker, Joshua, called me to discuss Mending. The conversation went something like this:

Joshua: I’m listening to The New Frontiers.
Sara: Isn’t it spectacular?
Joshua: This is the best fucking album to come out so far this year.
Sara: I know.
Joshua: Everyone needs to own this album.
Sara: I know.

We then proceeded to relate our favorite tracks to one another, naming every song on the album between the two of us.

Listen to Mending by the The New Frontiers in the dark, with candles lit. Your breath will catch in your throat. Tears may come to your eyes. And I swear on a stack of Beatles albums, you’ll feel what it’s like to fly.

Mending drops on April 29, 2008 via The Militia Group.

[Standout Tracks: Black Lung, The Day You Fell Apart, Mirrors, Passing On, Who Will Give Us Love]

The New Frontiers: website | myspace
The Militia Group: website | myspace



3 Responses

  1. KD’s not a gimmick!

  2. I know! But he has a quirk, does he not? Please, I LOVE KD!

  3. Never have I read a more true review. Love the album.

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