Asobi Seksu Sign To Polyvinyl Record Co.

New York dream pop sophisticates Asobi Seksu have just inked a deal with Polyvinyl Record Co. (One Little Indian will continue to release the band’s records throughout Europe). Following the 2006 release of its second album, Citrus, the band happily found itself trotting the globe for nearly two years, offering up its beautifully unique blend of ethereal melody, melancholia and sonic explosiveness to fans everywhere around the world.Preparing to head back to the studio in June to record Asobi’s third proper album, guitarist and songwriter James Hanna is excited about the band’s next chapter. “I couldn’t be happier to be working with Polyvinyl. They are such a well-respected label and have a great sense of post-punk, DIY ethics. Yuki and I are both huge record junkies so the fact that they are super into high quality vinyl releases with such creative packaging is exciting.”

For Matt Lunsford, co-owner of Polyvinyl, the feeling is mutual. “We have been enamored with Asobi Seksu for a long time, but seeing them play live was an epiphany. I felt like I might need to peel myself off the wall after their set. I can’t wait to hear their new record!”

Lead singer and songwriter Yuki Chikudate is equally positive about what’s on the horizon. “Our last record was done under such stressful conditions, especially given the time constraints, so there was not as much room to try out everything that we wanted to.” With a little more breathing room this time around, Asobi Seksu will once again record with producer/engineer Chris Zane, who produced and mixed Citrus, as well as a 7″ single the band released last year. Said Yuki, “It seemed only natural to work with Chris again to see what we could do with more time and flexibility in the studio.”

Details on the release of the new album will be announced once recording is finished. In July the band will return to Europe for some festivals and other soon to be announced gigs. Check in for updates!

Asobi Seksu: website | myspace
Polyvinyl Record Co.: website | myspace
One Little Indian: website | myspace


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