Quick Step John – Arcadia University

Arcadia University’s annual Spring Fling kicked off this year with a high-energy set from Quick Step John, a five piece outfit hailing from Philadelphia. Due to fear of torrential downpours, the stage was set up inside the University’s acoustically terrible gymnasium, rather than on its soccer fields. The rain never came (it’s been a particularly gorgeous spring Saturday), but Quick Step John powered through the unfortunate sound circumstances to create an enthusiastically fresh, tight set that actively engaged its audience.

The quintet began playing together in 2001 and have seen great success since their debut full length album, The Multiple Personalities of Last Week and Next Year, dropped this past October. The band’s catchy single “One By One” appeared on an episode of “ER” in November and the band itself has made appearances on local radio and television shows. Fans include Matchbox 20 front man Rob Thomas, for whom Quick Step John has opened for. After Quick Step John opened for the multi-platinum group, Thomas thought they were great, saying, “Opening acts can go so many ways. When we get there and hear a band like that, we just say, ‘Thank God!'”

Despite the gymnasium’s ridiculous reverb, Quick Step John brought a wonderful wall of sound with front man Craig Whitaker‘s (left) smooth vocals and poppy guitar riffs, fellow vocalist and guitarist Fran Camardella‘s harmonic chord progressions, drummer Dave Faga‘s driving beats, keyboard/synth/sometimes keytar man Ed Bagden‘s melodies, and Greg Maragos‘ rhythmic bass lines. Whitaker’s voice, at times, reminded me of The Starting Line lead singer Kenny Vasoli‘s voice, though Whitaker’s is far less whiny and much richer. His amped up style of playing got the crowd off the gymnasium’s bleachers and right to the front of the stage, where they bounced along to power pop anthems, swayed to slightly slower, ballad-like tunes and sang and clapped along as any great audience does.

Quick Step John produces a pop rock sound that is uniquely its own and is sure to see future success to an even larger degree than the band has seen up until now. They put on a great live show so if they come your way, be sure to check them out! If you live in the Philadelphia area, you can catch Quick Step John tonight at The Khyber at 11PM or look below for tour dates through August.

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Tour Dates:
Apr 12 – Khyber/Philadelphia Pa.
Apr 17 – Rowan University/Glassboro Nj. (All Ages!)
Apr 25 – Burlap and Bean/Newtown Square Pa. (All Ages!)
Apr 26 – The Escape/Bristol Pa. (All Ages!)
May 08 – Havana/New Hope Pa.
May 09 – Firehouse Grill/Fairfax Va.
May 10 – Colonial Tavern/Fredericksburg Va.
Jun 07 – Appalachian Brewing Company/Harrisburg Pa.
Jun 20 – The Blue Room/York Pa.
Jul 19 – Steel City Coffeehouse/Phoenixville Pa. (All Ages!)
Aug 10 – Musikfest/Bethlehem Pa. (All Ages!)

Quick Step John: myspace

[where: 450 S. Easton Rd., Glenside, PA 19038]


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