Tilly & the Wall New Album "O"

Coming off a series of sold out shows across America, Omaha dance pop indie rockers Tilly and the Wall are ready to begin making noise about their upcoming full length set to be released June 17th on Team Love records. The album, produced by the acclaimed Mike Mogis, has no title. It could be called O because its cover is just that: an oval-shaped frame for the artwork that will go inside of it. O will have limited edition runs of handmade prints available by different artists that will act as the record’s cover, giving the band’s fans a unique piece of art for both their album and their walls.

In preparation for the full length Tilly and The Wall have also released the electro-pop single “Beat Control” on a limited edition 7-inch, including a remix of the track by Pewep, A.K.A. J. Ashley Miller of Ssion. You can listen to “Beat Control” and the Pewep remix on the Tilly and The Wall’s RCRD LBL page. The digital release of the single has both these tracks and the special addition of “Cacophony,” which will also be released on O. “Cacophony” is a triumphant acoustic pop anthem rich with three-part harmonies, horns, and their essential poly-rhythmic tap dancing, and is now available for download.

While Tilly fans are highly anticipating their new release, blogs everywhere have been raving about their new music and jaunt across North America. Check it.

O is Tilly and the Wall’s most cohesive, sonically experimental album yet. In addition to building a tack piano for certain songs, the band toyed with percussion much more than their previous efforts, recording Jamie‘s taps through a variety of different amplifiers and floors to give each song its own distinct rhythm. With its massive dose of high energy and hip-shaking attitude, this album will remind you of you why you fell for Tilly and the Wall in the first place.

O Tracklisting
01. Tall Tall Grass
02. Pot Kettle Black
03. Cacophony
04. I Found You
05. Alligator Skin
06. Chandelier Lake
07. Dust Me Off
08. Falling Without Knowing
09. Bloodflower
10. Poor Man’s Ice Cream
11. Too Excited

Tilly and the Wall: website| myspace | download “Cacophony” | watch
“Beat Control”
Team Love: website | myspace

*Photo Credit: Jaimie Warren


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