Pussycat Doll Nicole Remakes "Rio"

Nicole Scherzinger (The Pussycat Dolls) releases a new Brazilian inspired remake of Duran Duran‘s hit song, “Rio,” to celebrate the launch of Caress® Brazilian Exotic Oil Infusions body wash. “Rio (Caress Brazilian Mix)” encourages women to unleash their sensuous sides, vivacious charm and Brazilian spirits. The new song can be heard at caressbrazilian.com and has hit the airwaves nationwide.

“Rio (Caress Brazilian Mix)” is bursting with the energy and colorful sounds of Brazil. First released in 1982, “Rio” climbed the charts to become a top twenty hit on both sides of the Atlantic, with the video becoming an MTV staple.

“Brazil is all about smooth moves, vivacious sounds and beautiful skin,” says Scherzinger. “That’s why I’m thrilled to be recording such a fun, Brazilian remake of my favorite Duran Duran song…it’s sexy, spirited and will inspire women to unleash the enchantment of Brazil.”

Caress® is giving you a chance to win a trip to Brazil. Visit caressbrazilian.com to download “Rio (Caress Brazilian Mix)” and submit a video (or create one online) that shows how to live out the charm, vivaciousness and spirit of the South American country. Thirty finalists will win exciting prizes such as: spa treatments, iPods with Brazilian music or a year supply of Caress® *. You can also request free samples of the new Caress® Brazilian Exotic Oil Infusions body wash at the website (while supplies last).

“Rio (Caress Brazilian Mix)” by Nicole from the Pussycat Dolls
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*No purchase necessary. One year supply equals 12 bottles or 1 bottle/month. Void where prohibited. Contest ends May 19, 2008. For official rules, please visit www.caressbrazilian.com


4 Responses

  1. NICE ADVERTISING disguised as a review or news post?? gimme a break.. not a great way to start your new blog

  2. Well, I didn’t actually make this post, but I’m going to go ahead and explain to you why the staff member who did, made the choice to do so.

    Everyday, we work with PR people who supply us with the information that allow us to run this blog. They do us a lot of favors. This person, works for a firm that has hooked us up with plenty of interview, cds and shows. When personally asked to make this post, by that person, we said yes because they’re damn good to us, and wanted to return the favor.

    As for it being DISGUISED as advertising, I would disagree. It’s not disguised at all.

    But lets look at a bigger picture. Arn’t all reviews ads in disguise? They’re meant to sell an artist’s products. They up cd sales. They get you to go to a concert. They generate sales that allow an artist to get paid. In some form, that’s all we’ve done here. Push a persons product. It’s what AP does. It’s what Spin does. Absolutepunk.net does. Press is a form of exposure, and exposure is meant to generate some sort of sales. That’s why they hire PR people, and that’s why the PR people come to us.

    And if you don’t like it, you could always skip to the next article. It’s about the hotel cafe tour, and Meiko. She’s not selling shampoo, but she is selling cds. I hope you wont be offended.

    Good day sir.

  3. I appreciate your comment and I do agree to an extent. It mentions a specific brand name so it’s pimping the product, but that wasn’t our intention.
    Josh is correct in stating that we were personally asked to post this, but if you’d seen what they wanted us to say, well shit, that was in-your-face, blatant advertising.
    He was also correct in saying that everything on this site is, for the most part, an ad. Did you read the Tilly and the Wall post about their new album? That was pimping the Tilly and the Wall brand so you’ll buy the album when it drops or buy a concert ticket or a t-shirt.
    Did you read the Hotel Cafe Tour/Meiko post? That promoted both the Hotel Cafe and Meiko brand so that you’d want to hand over some dollars for their respective causes (themselves).

    What really sold me on allowing this post to go up was free stuff. Neither I nor anyone else on staff sees a penny from the bodywash people or anyone else, but they’re giving away stuff. Bare minimum you can score some free bodywash, which, hey, you might turn out to like. If you put forth the effort to enter the contest, you could land an iPod or a trip to Brazil, and while I’m not gonna be bothered to create a video or whatever, I don’t wanna deny the next Coppola the chance to win that trip.

    This post talks more about “Rio,” Brazil and free stuff than it does the actual product anyway. We did that by design. We didn’t want the focus on the product because that is bullshit for this kind of site.

    We’re scratching a back to get our back scratched down the road. And if talking about some random product every once in a while facilitates the continuation of this website, than I’d be stupid not to allow it.

    But totally continue calling us out on whatever you see as bullshit in the future. We’re honored that you hold us to a higher standard than that.

    xo Jessica

  4. Thanks for sharing this fun tidbit with us.

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