Violens @ North Star Bar, Philadelphia Pa.

Violens played a dynamic set full of poppy, upbeat numbers Friday night at Philadelphia’s North Star Bar which more than warmed up the crowd for headliners Canadian husband and wife duo Handsome Furs. The set began with “Already Over,” a high-energy song rife with hooky riffs which had the audience dancing almost immediately. Head over to the band’s MySpace page to listen to a stream of “Already Over.” Jorge Elbrecht (left) and crew followed with digital single “Violent Sensation Descends,” available for free download here.

As the band launched into their third song, I thought they were going to cover “Here Comes The Sun,” as the first dozen bars sounded like the Beatles‘ song. It turned out to be an original called “Doused and Burned,” which reveled in a 60s pop sound.

“Spectator and Pupil” featured great beats and proved that Violens has great pop sensibilities as it melded shoegaze and a hyper pop style beautifully. The quintet then launched into the psych-pop “Could You Stand To Know?” Elbrecht played trippy riffs as the band created a sound straight out of the 60s. By “Doomed,” the entire audience was loving Violens as the bar turned into one big dance party.

The quintet then turned the tables with “Trance-Like Turn.” This aptly named number is most definitely trance-like and belongs to the shoegaze genre Elbrecht says the direction of the band’s new music is headed. His melodic riffs were driven forward with a steady beat on the snare drum played by drummer Kris King.

“It Couldn’t Be Perceived,” another undoubtedly shoegaze tune, followed, again hugely melodic, while producing echos that created a trippy effect. Elbrecht shredded on the guitar and sang with an echo effect as both King and keyboard player Jay Isrealson played separate snare drums, creating a hard, driving and sick as hell energy.

The atmosphere remained energetic as the band launched into their final song, “Full Collision.” It was loud, hard and fast with ridiculous riffs and a sweet bass line. Violens’ entire set was amazingly tight and wildly energetic. Elbrecht writes solid, well-crafted songs that translate wonderfully in a live show through the band members’ obvious talents on their respective instruments. Check out Violens now and check up on them often, as 2008 is sure to see many great things to come from this New York five piece.

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Set List: Already Over, Violent Sensation Descends, Doused and Burned, Spectator and Pupil, Could You Stand To Know?, Doomed, Trance-Like Turn, It Couldn’t Be Perceived, Full Collision

Violens: website | rcrd labl | interview with Jorge


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