Overheard at PopWreck(oning)

Overheard at PopWreck(oning)” is a feature Joshua and Jessica loved when they were still just PopWreck, all those months ago, and when it was just the two of them.

Take a peek inside the heads of the creators of PopWreck(oning) via actual snippets of conversation, or in this case, text messages. It’s a good thing unlimited texting plans are readily available, otherwise those two would be broke.
Asinine ramblings or precocious musings?:

Jessica: [PopWreckoning photog] Nick [Davis] got last night’s pictures in.
Joshua: How are they?
Jessica: Not bad. One really captures how big Ingrid [Michaelson]’s boobs* are.
Joshua: Seriously, I missed most of her set because of them.
Jessica: Ha! Oh, you. BOOBS! And Spoooooooon!!
Joshua: Spoon, actually, was very disappointing. Ingrid’s boobs were not.
Jessica: Lol! Note, I’m really laughing out loud.

This installment was pure asinine rambling, but maybe they’ll come up with something good to say one of these days 😀

*Disclaimer: Jessica and Joshua loved Ingrid even before they knew she had big boobs. Jessica’s actually pretty jealous.


One Response

  1. I always have to fight the urge to sell my friends out on my blog like this. Sorry I’ve been so out of it lately, been going thru a real mess…

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