Kate Nash: Bricks

If you hadn’t before, you’ve probably been hearing about Kate Nash recently. She’s been compared to fellow Britpop singer Lily Allen and soulful blues singer Amy Winehouse. Sure, they’ve all got accents, sassy attitudes, and one hell of a voice, but Kate Nash has an individual, effortless talent and incredible debut record, Made of Bricks.

Her single “Foundations” is truly pop genius with an upbeat melody contrasted with lyrics of conflicting emotions, changing from an “I won’t give a shit” attitude in the verses to “I know that I should let go but I can’t” in the chorus. This track was undoubtedly the best choice for her first U.S. single without being a conventional, generic pop song. Nash is bringing something different and fresh to this genre: catchy melodies and lyrics with an edginess and quick intellect.

Made of Bricks is like listening to a diary collection – honest storytelling without a focus on eloquence – and could not be more appropriately titled. Kate Nash has definitely got an opinion and a straightforward confidence, mixed with her sultry voice that even makes the song “Dickhead” seem charming, when Nash asks again and again, “Why you being a dickhead for?”

Each track from Made of Bricks sounds unique from the other. It starts with the short and downright strange intro “Play,” then jumps abruptly into “Foundations.” Nothing about this album is typical, even the love songs. The song “Birds” has a sweet innocence of young love but an interesting way of explaining it, comparing his feelings about her to birds flying high and shitting on your head, but they’re also beautiful. “We Get On” has a similar lighthearted feeling at first until she finds her interest kissing another girl, so she “proceeded to get drunk and cry.” And who doesn’t relate to that?

“Skeleton Song,” one of my favorites, changes its sound throughout the song. I absolutely love the different use of violins. In some parts of the song, it adds a lovely sound but towards the end it definitely gives that Halloween vibe, coming across like screeching opening doors in a haunted house rather than an instrument. Then, the music is chaos and Nash is singing manically over the noise until it all stops and there’s nothing left but a piano and a soft voice. “Nicest Thing” is another favorite and probably the most impacting track. Her, a guitar, and a violin make this song stripped from any distractions and allow you to really listen to the obvious let down in her voice: “I wish you had a favorite beauty spot that you loved secretly / ‘Cause it was on a hidden bit that nobody else could see/ Basically, I wish that you loved me / I wish that you needed me / I wish that you knew when I said two sugars, actually I meant three…”

But don’t get too down, Made of Bricks ends on a high note. “Merry Happy” doesn’t need much of an explanation aside from its title. “Dancing at disco’s / Eating cheese on toast / Yeah you make me merry, make me very, very happy” and “do do do” throughout almost the entire song, makes this last track all around fun to listen to and leaves you smiling.

Definitely buy Made of Bricks, and if you can, see her live.
For tour dates: www. myspace. com/katenashmusic.



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