Interview With: Sherri DuPree of Eisley!

Tyler, Texas native Sherri DuPree (center), of the wonderful Eisley!, was sweet enough to answer some questions for me in between preparing for their current headlining tour to promote the record Combinations. She’s a witty bitty, so check out what she’s got to say about tour, her new shoe, and some great bands to check out! And be sure to catch Eisley on tour this spring (dates below)!!

Jessica, PopWreckoning: Hi Sherri! The staff members at are big Eisley fans and we appreciate you taking some time to answer some questions for us before you and the rest of the band heads out on tour.
Sherri Dupree: Noooooooooo problem! Thanks for taking the time to do this for us!
PW: This tour, to promote sophomore album Combinations released last year, plays 45 shows in 55 days — how are you feeling about such a hectic schedule? What can fans expect in their cities?
SD: It’s definitely going to be nuts as far as the non stop schedule is concerned but we’re psyched. This is the first real headlining tour for Combinations so it’s just in everyone’s system to get rowdy and put a lot of energy into it. HOO HA! Just kidding, but we are more comfortable onstage now so hopefully we don’t just look like bumps on a log up there onstage.
PW: What’s the dynamic of the band like when you’re all on tour, in such close quarters with your siblings all the time?
SD: We all are really close obviously, so it’s literally so fun and comfortable between everyone. Weston and Garron entertain us by being complete idiots who think they are brilliant. But don’t tell them I said that. I’m joking anyways…….really….hmm. We honestly don’t argue really unless it’s over who gets the last snack-sized bag of Doritos.
PW: How did you go about deciding on the opening bands (The Myriad, Vedera, The Envy Corps)?
SD: Well we’ve been HUGE fans of The Envy Corps for awhile now. We met them at once when they came to our show in the UK (they were living there at the time). I think they’re just brilliant and I am literally in love with their new album. I listen to it non-stop. So they were a hands-down choice. Vedera we met through our booking agent (girl lead singer!!) and The Myriad guys we met through mutual musical friends. We just fully support and love all of their music, so we’re psyched they could all do this tour because it’s such a special tour to us. And having bands that you love their music is so crucial to a happy tour. We completely lucked out.
PW: You’ve recently provided artwork for a MacBeth shoe, the Eisley Bronson (pictured). How did you get involved with that project?
SD: We’ve known the Macbeth crew for awhile now and have always wanted to do a shoe with them, so when they asked us we just said “heck yeah!” and I sent them the artwork and we worked together on putting it all together. I think the shoes are cute, though I can’t wear them, technically, since it’s my own personal artwork and don’t want to look “mad with power” as we say…(aka, an ego maniac).
PW: How do you balance your artwork with the band — is it more of a hobby or do you see yourself pursuing it more aggressively in the future?
SD: I’ve always just done it because I love doing it, but now that I’ve grown into it more, and kind of defined my own style I would love to get involved with more projects. Maybe illustrate a book or graphic novel with someone. Either way, even if I don’t get to do those things, I’ll always keep drawing because I like making up odd creatures. To me they each have their own personality and story. So they entertain me just fine.
PW: Eisley performed at the Sundance Festival this year, and appeared on VH1’s “Best Week Ever” while in Utah — what were both of those experiences like?
SD: Both were great experiences and we were totally honored to be involved with both. Sundance was awesome but fairly scary since our performance was being shot by 5 cameras for Fuse TV in front of film moguls and industry people. We did tons of press in those 2 days – VH1 was great.
Doing press is always slightly uncomfortable and awkward no matter HOW much you do it. I think it’s just the fact that someone is focusing solely on you and asking you questions about your life and it’s nerve-inducing. But It’s totally part of the package and it’s so important that fans have the opportunity to know more about you and your personalities because it’s always cool to know more about people who create something that you respect. I was reading an interview by
Paul McCartney the other day on The White Album and really geeking out and thinking about how thankful I was I could find out all the reasons his songs came about because I love them so much.
PW: Who were the last few bands that you’ve seen live that you weren’t performing with that night?
SD: We had the chance to see Feist in like, Brooklyn, I think it was, not too long ago. She’s incredible and so, so talented. We don’t get a lot of chances to see other artists live, but we try when we can. The best live show experience I’ve ever had was seeing The Arcade Fire in the UK at Leeds Festival. I was moved to tears it was so incredible. LOVE that band. (Take us on tour *cough*…did you hear something?).
What are you currently listening to, or what do you plan to listen to while you make your way across the country on tour?
SD: I’m currently listening to The White Album a lot, by the Beatles. I’m revisiting it and it’s wonderful. A friend recently got me into these two bands; I’ve been listening to them so so much:
And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead – I really, really love their album So Divided; so inspiring and creative.
Manchester Orchestra…they’ve got an album out called I’m Like A Virgin Losing A Child – SO good!!
AND last but not least this band I that found called
Hail Social. Stacy and I have been jamming out to them NON-STOP for months now. Check out all those bands. Not stuff you might think we would listen to but – all SO brilliant.
PW: Thanks again so much for talking to us! Good luck on tour — we look forward to seeing you!”
SD: No way – thank YOU! 🙂 This tour is gonna be a blast so don’t miss it!

Tour Dates:
4/04 Oklahoma City, OK/Conservatory
4/05 Tulsa, OK/Cain’s Ballroom
4/07 Lawrence, KS/Liberty Hall
4/08 Sauget, IL/Pops
4/09 Nashville, TN/City Hall
4/10 Southern Pines, NC/The Sunrise Theater
4/12 Atlanta, GA/The Loft
4/13 Birmingham, AL/Zydeco
4/16 Orlando, FL/The Social
4/17 Fort Lauderdale, FL/Culture Room
4/18 St. Petersburg, FL/State Theatre
4/20 Carrboro, NC/Cat’s Cradle
4/23 New York, NY/Highline Ballroom
4/25 Philadelphia, PA/First Unitarian Church – Sanctuary
4/27 Boston, MA/Paradise Rock Club
4/28 Montreal, Quebec/Club Lambi
4/29 Toronto, Ontario/Lee’s Palace
5/01 Detroit, MI/The Shelter
5/02 Chicago, IL/Park West
5/03 Milwaukee, WI/The Rave Bar
5/04 Minneapolis, MN/Fine Line Music Cafe
5/05 Des Moines, IA/Peoples Court
5/07 Boulder, CO/Fox Theatre & Cafe
5/08 Salt Lake City, UT/Avalon Theater
5/09 Boise, ID/Big Easy Concert House
5/10 Portland, OR/Wonder Ballroom
5/13 Sacramento, CA/The Empire
5/14 San Francisco, CA/Great American Music Hall
5/15 Los Angeles, CA/El Rey Theatre
5/16 San Diego, CA/House of Blues
5/22 Dallas, TX/House of Blues
5/23 San Antonio, TX/Scout Bar
5/24 McAllen, TX/Cine El Rey Theatre

Be sure to make it to a show near you!! And not just because Sherri is my new favorite person (she’s such a doll!), but because Eisley puts on a great live show! PopWreckoning‘s Molly will be in attendance at the Atlanta show so check back for a review!

Eisley: website | myspace | MacBeth Eisley Bronson


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