Sun Kil Moon – April

Sun Kil Moon is one of Mark Kozelek‘s many projects. It was formed after the dissolution of the well-known Red House Painters. The band is made of of Kozelek, former Red House Painter bandmate Anthony Koutsos, along with new members Tim Mooney and Geoff Stanfield completing the line up. The band’s name is a westernization of Korean bantamweight boxer Sung-Kil Moon‘s name, which helps to explain the otherwise odd spelling of the word Kil.

April is the band’s third album. The two prior albums were both concept albums; Ghosts of the Great Highway was an homage to the true-life stories of now deceased boxers and Tiny Cities, their second studio release, is a CD compromised of Modest Mouse covers! April is a little bit of a departure from their previous records since it’s not really as much of a concept album as the other two. The CD includes bonus tracks as well as two songs originally done solo by Kozelek on his live album, Little Drummer Boy Live, released back in 2006.

April is a soft record, perfect for listening to in the mild spring weather, so it comes out just in time. Despite the irony of being released on April 1st, I assure you it’s no jest when I say that if you like indie music, and you like to be able to drift off into a nice spring breeze, or at least feel like it, you won’t regret picking this CD up. Mark Kozelek’s voice, perfect for indie rock tunes like those on the album, will drift you off into a world of smooth melodies and is the perfect cure for a headache on a stressful day. So if you’re having a stressful day or even if you’re having a wonderfully mischievous April Fool’s Day, go out and pick up the record to end the
day on a nice, soft note.

Sun Kil Moon: website | myspace

*Hanna Marie


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