The Kooks – Konk

If you were impressed with The Kooks‘ stellar debut Inside In/Inside Out, be prepared to be pleased once again with their sophomore album Konk, set to be released April 14, 2008. Singer Luke Pritchard said in an interview, “I want this album to be big. I’ve got an ego, I want the album to do well. I want our singles to come on the radio and for people to literally have their heads blown off by them.” this album is aiming to accomplish just that. The indie rock band from Brighton still maintains their catchiness, but now with a little more heart and soul.

After working on what was said to be eighty or ninety songs for the album, it was whittled down to twelve tracks. Kicking off the album is “See The Sun,” which starts off with a tease of bluesy guitar riffs and Pitchard sweetly crooning the first verse before switching things up to their signature upbeat tempo. Followed by their first single “Always Where I Need To Be,” which is one of quite a few stand out tracks on the album. The line “I always thought I would end up with you eventually” captures the hopeful and bittersweet tone of the song and most of the album. The heartfelt track “Gap” spites Pritchard’s claim on his ego; in a striking chorus he sings, “Don’t heed this praise on me / I know I don’t deserve it.” “Sway” emerges as the most powerful track from the devastatingly earnest lyrics to the music that backs it.
Even with the added depth of this album they still manage to capture the feel good essence of their previous album with “Mr. Maker,” “Love It All,” and “Down The Market.” Then club worthy tracks “Do You Wanna” and “Stormy Weather” produce irresistible hooks and melodies. They slow down with “Shine On,” which in the opening verse the line, “You look beautiful all of the time” can’t help but win you over with its sweetness. “One Last Time” continues to slow things with it’s sad and reminiscent focus on a failed relationship. The album ends perfectly with “Tick Of Time,” an acoustic, reggae-tinged track which will, if nothing else, leave you tapping your feet to it’s light and peppy beat.
The Kooks have defied the greatly feared sophomore slump with this album and proven themselves to be a strong and solid band even with the recent departure of their former bassist Max Rafferty. If you want to hear even more from them, a special edition version of Konk will be released with a second disc named RAK including seven songs that didn’t make it onto the album, an alternate version of “See The Sun,” and the home demo “Brooklyn”.

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