The Apples In Stereo – Electronic Projects for Musicians

“We are The Apples In Stereo you hear our records on the radio / We are The Apples In Stereo you hear up rockin’ out the rock and roll show.”

What you hear coming out of your speakers isn’t what you’d expect from The Apples In Stereo if you saw them walking down the street. No, if you saw this group of men walking down the street you’d be more likely to think they were in town for a teacher’s convention or maybe even a science fair! Instead, you get almost the opposite side of the spectrum: you get a band of guys making indie-pop music that many other bands in the genre should be quite jealous of. With catchy beats and even catchier lyrics they are definitely a band that is going to take you by surprise if you’ve never heard of them before, or most certainly not let you down with their newest venture Electronic Projects For Musicians if you’re a long-time fan.

A little back-story for you new fans, because I’m sure even if you weren’t one before, you’re going to be after listening to their latest album. The band has been around in two forms for the better part of sixteen years now, forming in 1992 in it’s first incarnation as simply The Apples. Around this time Robert Schneider, vocalist and guitarist of the band also helped to form The Elephant 6 Recording Copmany. In June 1993, The Apples had their first release, the EP Tidal Wave. Since their original forming as The Apples they’ve gone through some line-up changes. Co-founder Christ Parfitt left after Tidal Wave, and later, original drummer and now ex-wife of Schneider, Hilarie Sidney left to focus on family and her other music projects.

This in no way hindered the bands efforts. They eventually settled into the the name The Apples In Stereo. Jim McIntyre, the band’s sometimes bassist during 1992-1994, was quoted as saying “It’s cool the name changed cause The Apples and The Apples in Stereo were really two different entities.” The bands sixth studio release, New Magnetic Wonder, finished off their deal they’d signed with the now defunct spinART records and the LP was the primary release on Elijah Wood‘s record label Simian Records.

The lyrics are just as catchy as ever, including their own theme song and a little
snippet of a reference to Schneider’s show off with Chris Funk of The Decemberists. It’s an easy to listen to collection of music that ranges from upbeat songs you can laugh and have a good time with or just sit back and relax and enjoy listening to. The group of songs they choose to release is definitely not something to pass up listening to! “On Your Own” would make anyone want to dance around their living room, whether alone or with a best friend. On the other end of the spectrum, you have the aptly-titled “Dreams,” a slow-paced song that’ll make you feel like you’re simply floating through life, just like you’re in a dream.

Electronic Projects For Musicians is a collection of rarities and b-sides set to be released by The Apples In Stereo on April 1st, 2008 and I am 100% behind doing whatever you have to to acquire this record.

The Apples In Stereo: website | myspace

-Hanna Marie

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