Ben’s Brother Giveaway!

Ben’s Brother sponsor Dentyne Ice is giving away two free downloads from the band’s December 2007 release Beta Male Fairytales, fan favorite “Let Me Out” (also featured on “Grey’s Anatomy”) and “Kiss Me Again” (yep, it’s that song you heard from the Dentyne Ice commercial).

Not to be outdone by gum, PopWreck(oning) is giving away the entire 13-track disc!

You may recall that awesome Ben’s Brother/Dentyne Ice widget we posted last month (if not, go check it out!); it had a chance to win a trip to SXSW, free mp3s and a music trivia quiz. Even though SXSW has come and gone,

the downloads and music quiz are still available, so head on over to test your music knowledge.

Ben’s Brother draws its name from frontman Jamie Hartman, who lived in the shadow of his cricket star brother and was simply known as “Ben’s brother” growing up. With 2007’s critically-acclaimed release of cheeky-titled Beta Male Fairytales, Hartman and bandmates Kiris Houston (keyboards, guitar), Dan McKinna (bass), Dave Hattee (drums), and Tim Vanderkuil (guitar) are more than making their own name for themselves. The ecclectic sound of Ben’s Brother ranges from old school soul to beautiful and vulnerable ballads to commercially savvy ditties with great pop sensibilities.

Enter for your chance to win the wonderful debut by Ben’s Brother, Beta Male Fairytales, by emailing your name and address* to our Managing Editor Jessica (jessica [at] popwreckoning [dot] com). She’ll randomly pick a winner at the end of next week (totally free to enter more than once!) and get the CD out to you.

Bonne chance mes cheres!

Ben’s Brother: website | myspace | widget/2 free downloads!

*PopWreck(oning) gives you its solemn Girl/Boy Scout honor to never, Never, NEVER sell/give your personal/contact information away to anyone annoying who will send you a ton of crap you don’t want. (We’re totally annoyed by that ish, too!)


2 Responses

  1. I saw the post title in Google Reader and figured Ben Affleck was auctioning off Casey Affleck.

  2. That’s next month’s contest!

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