Yip-Yip: Kings of the Same Kingdom

Yip-Yip definitely picked an accurate word when they classified themselves as ‘experimental.’ Their techno beats are definitely not something you’d hear every day, let alone expect to ever hear outside of the fun house at your local carnival. Their concept features unmasked and not overdone sounds mashed together in order to make trippy music that’s as likely to cause a seizure at some moments as their flashy MySpace page. I assure you however, that even with the risk that looking at for more than 5 minutes you may cause you to go into a coma, is definitely something unique and not to be over looked!

Though that’s not to say the duo, made up of friends Brian Esser and Jason Temple, are newcomers to the music scene. For that matter neither is Yip-Yip! Far from it, actually. Despite this being their most put together effort to date, the group has already released two singles, two
self-released albums, and an EP! That’s quite a load to have under their belt. Their newest effort
was their fourth CD of sorts, recorded at the pairs house in Orlando, Florida during the summer of 2007. It’s their farthest reach into new sounds, including many of their previous instruments as well as a fair share of new ones, including a real saxophone. The group not only incorporated plenty of new sounds into this newest release, they also delved into the video aspect of the music scene by recording, however cheaply, do-it-yourself footage for each of the twelve tracks on the record.

While I personally am not a real fan of listening to techno on a daily basis, or really outside of a club atmosphere, this album personally won’t be changing my view on that. While I certainly won’t knock that the two men that make up this group have talent for their craft, I just
think that if my music is going to be giving me a seizure it’s best left to being used by a DJ mixing it with some funky beats or vocals from another song than listened to by itself. However, if you’re into making yourself shake and spasm and ending your night with a headache to rival
all headaches, I definitely would recommend Yip-Yips music to you. If not I recommend staying away from it like you would a little Yorkie making those nasty little yip-yip noises no one likes to hear for more than a few seconds.

You can pick up Yip-Yip’s album, Kings of the Same Kingdom in stores now.

Yip-Yip: website | myspace

By Hanna


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