Division Day @ Replay Lounge, Lawrence, Kansas

Odds are heavily against my ever catching Radiohead, U2 or Coldplay in the Replay Lounge in Lawrence, Kansas. The venue itself might be just large enough to hold Bono‘s enormous glasses, if you moved all the tables out of the way, and allow the ear pieces to drape over the bar. Yet, while sitting back on the bars three toot stools, listening to Division Day play their ten song set, my mind drifted to the realization that this must be pretty close to what it would be like.

The band’s sound on the set’s opening number, “Little Blood,” blazed a deep and reoccurring pattern of overwhelming stage energy from songs that could fill stadiums instead of standing room only music venues. Busy drum progression are free flowing throughout the night, accenting key moments like exclamation points punctuate sentences, if sentence were fined with haunting piano sounds and pop-friendly guitar solo. That’s the kind of grammar I could really get behind.

Division Day also manages to flawlessly do something that few bands attempt live: use silence as notes. At several different points, the entirety of the band would fall out, pausing dramatically before recollecting where they had left off previously. It’s a technique that I’ve always been a huge fan of, if done properly, and Division Day certainly does.

Silence, however, can be deadly for the energy of a live show, as well. Following their cut “Catch Your Death”, the group electronics did just that, refusing to work. Jokes and makeshift cover songs filled in as a pass time, as Rohner Segnitz, Division Day’s lead singer scrambled to jump start his group’s gear. Back to the Future jokes seemed appropriate, as Segnitz screamed, “I need more plutonium for the Flux-Capacitor!” Moments later, upon the gear’s return, Segnitz explained the diagnosis: amp gnomes.

Amp gnomes aside, Division Day’s set was well worth the time invested. You can catch them yourself as they finish up their co-headlining national tour, or through the following links:

Division Day’s Myspace
Division Day’s Website


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