Moving Mountains Signs With Deep Elm

Deep Elm Records is pleased to announce that it has signed Purchase, NY-based band Moving Mountains and will be releasing their incredible debut Pneuma, a collision of emo-rock glory, math-y dynamics, waves of complex melody and epic atmospherics. It’s nothing short of stunning.

As the title suggests (pneuma is Greek for “breathe”), Moving Mountains has created an album that lives and breathes with each graceful crescendo and every shimmering arpeggio. The complex, multi-layered arrangements are complimented by vague literary references, whose powerful themes enable the music to resonate emotionally without being overly particular. Tossing aside the constrictions that most bands place on their art, Pneuma looks toward the future and transcends boundaries while paying homage to past and contemporary luminaries.

It’s rare for a debut to be so adventurous and instrumentally adept (and these boys are only 19) while still focused on riveting, intensely powerful songs. Moving Mountains satisfies, amazes and astounds at every level and is highly recommended for fans of The Appleseed Cast, Explosions In The Sky, Brand New and Cursive.

For a limited time, get a complimentary download of “8105.”

Limited to 1000 physical copies, Pneuma is scheduled for a worldwide release by Deep Elm in late April 2007. The record will also be available on an unlimited basis from all digital service providers including iTunes and eMusic. To reserve a copy of Pneuma for Only $9.99 Worldwide, go here.

Moving Mountains: website | myspace
Deep Elm: website | myspace


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