Three Legged Legs, Dancing Zombie Puppets

Today, Zune Arts launched a new video podcast series featuring a behind the scenes look at Three Legged Legs‘ “Piece of Me, Piece of You” video. Greg, Reza, and Casey demonstrate the innovation and collaboration it took to turn lots and lots of felt into drop-it-like-it’s-hot zombies created by puppet maker Adam Parker Smith. “Piece of Me, Piece of You” features “Fancy Footwork” by Chromeo, as the soundtrack to the zombie dance party. Reza says, “We’re shooting a bunch of zombie puppets attacking each other and infecting each other with dance, all over a Chromeo track, which is hot!” The podcast drops today as a teaser to the full-length “Piece of Me, Piece of You” film which will hit next month.

The behind-the-scenes footage is slightly creepy but totally rad. We’ve probably watched it at least 5 times ourselves today. Find the video’s link below!

The Zune Arts podcast will showcase modern, cutting-edge, cultural artists expressing themselves through film, music, design, illustration, and more, on a weekly basis. The podcasts can be downloaded free from the Zune Marketplace and fans can subscribe to an automated feed so that the series syncs with their Zune players. In addition to behind-the-scenes looks, these weekly podcasts will feature artist interviews and other fun content.

Zune strives to bring together the best creative minds for inspiring collaborations that will knock your socks off.

Watch behind the scenes footage of “Piece of Me, Piece of You” here
Subscribe to Zune Art podcasts here
Three Legged Legs website
Adam Parker Smith website

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