NOFX – Kansas City, Mo.

On March 4th, famous pop punk band NOFX came to Kansas City. NOFX can be traced way back to 1983, when the band had its first practice. Pretty much by word-of-mouth alone, the band ended up becoming one of the most well-known American punk acts to date. So with it being 2008, I could only expect nearly the entire Kansas City punk scene to be at this show. And damn! The place was packed.

Now, I’m not a die-hard NOFX fan by any means. Seeing them live was just how I imagined it would be: a huge party. NOFX is all about fun, and if any of you have seen them live you know what I’m talking about. With a majority of punk bands getting way into politics, it’s nice to see some good, immature, fun punk rock. That’s not to say NOFX hasn’t had their share of political dabblings, though, with, quite possibly, their most famous release entitled The War On Errorism, featuring a cartoon of President George W. Bush painted like a clown. With that alone, you can sort of make an assumption as to what this band is really all about.

Upon entering The Beaumont Club’s new location (I had previously only been to their older one), I had to take a massive piss so I darted across the floor, plowing over person after person, to the bathrooms. Unknown to me, I sped right past the men’s room and straight into the ladies’ room. I was wondering why there were no urinals on the wall and it didn’t really hit me until I noticed only girls around me when I made my exit. I got a few looks, but nothing hostile. Just confused. Anyway, after that ordeal I made it back in time to catch the first band, which has long since escaped my memory. I do recall them being the cliché of punk rock and that I didn’t really care for it, as the main bands at the show already do this much better. No Use For A Name was up next.

I wasn’t really attentive during their set since I was sent to review NOFX. I figured I’d enjoy myself during No Use For A Name. Again, I’m not a huge fan of this band either but they did a cover of The Misfits‘ “I Turned Into A Monster,” which was pretty fucking sweet. They definitely set the stage for NOFX as everybody was definitely into what they were doing. They walked off stage leaving the crowd, and myself, in anticipation.

NOFX took their sweet fucking time getting set up. I remember waiting nearly an hour. Nonetheless, they really delivered a great show. As I pointed out earlier, I’m only a casual NOFX fan and only know a handful of their songs. The only NOFX CD I own is their compilation entitled The Greatest Songs Ever Written (By Us). I may want to add here that if you are just now getting into this band, or would like to, that CD is a good start since it contains all of the fan favorites as well as a pretty big collection of other songs from various albums. It weighs in at a hefty 26 songs, so it really is an excellent start.

That being said, the entire set was as I put it earlier: a huge party. As anyone can expect at a punk gig, there was a huge moshpit at all times and a pretty unruly crowd. NOFX is a band that likes to talk a lot in between songs, and they’ve always got something funny to say. Bassist/Vocalist Fat Mike made mostly Mexican jokes aimed at their guitar/trumpet player El Hefe. Not only are they funny, they are cocky as shit! At one point Fat Mike even said “You know, we’re a good fuckin’ band! This set is dedicated to us, because if it wasn’t for us, none of you assholes would even be here!” Awesome.

I remember the crowd yelling at the band to play their song “Bob” the entire set. They assured the crowd they were not going to play that because “you have all heard “Bob” a thousand fucking times! Fuck that song!” However, during their encore set list, they played all of their most well-known songs including “Franco Un-American” and, of course, “Bob.” They closed their set with my personal favorite, “Kill All The White Men.”

The place was destroyed afterwards. After all was said and done, I can only describe NOFX as a band to definitely see live every time they come to your city. It is a guaranteed fun time, especially if you are a fan.

NOFX: website | myspace
Fat Wreck Chords: website



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