Interview With: Quintron & Miss Pussycat, part 1

Friday night I headed down to Johnny Brenda’s to interview the dynamic New Orleans duo known as Quintron and Miss Pussycat. Unfortunately, the band hit some heavy traffic and was unable to talk before their set, but we managed to get some time in afterwards. When they’d broken down the stage, we hung out in the dressing room with some of the guys from Black Lips and BS’d a while, prior to the Black Lips headlining set began.

I’m a believer that candid conversation can be more interesting and revealing than an interview with pre-drafted questions that have been asked how many times before. Q and Miss P (what I’ve taken to calling them) were cool with me taping before the actual interview, so here’s some random conversation about cassette tapes, Pink Floyd, and Goonies. Look for part two of the interview to follow!

Miss Pussycat: What kind of tape player is that? Is that tape or is that digital?
Jessica, PopWreck(oning): They’re, like, for real cassette tapes.
MP: Oh, cool! Like big size cassette? What kind; it’s a Sony?
PW: Yeah, the player is a Sony. The tape is actually Pink Floyd’s The Wall or The Dark Side of the Moon that I’m taping over.
Q: You’re taping over that?
PW: I have it in other formats! So, I feel like it’s OK.
Q: Oh! OK. That’s…you’ve told us a little bit about yourself, now. Are you a Dark Side of the Moon or The Wall person?
PW: I’m more of a Wall person; that’s what my dad and my uncle listened to it non-stop when I was growing up.
Q: “All in all.”
MP: What was the one like chipmunks grooving with a pig? Animals?
PW: Yeah, Animals.
MP: I like that one!
Q: Animal Sounds.
MP: That was really good.
PW: Wait, Animal Sounds? I think it was just Animals.
Q: No, no. Animal sounds.
MP: I think it is just Animals, but it’s animal sounds.
PW: Oh, yeah, yeah.
MP: You listen to it with headphones?
Q: I used to live next door to this guy that would get really stoned everyday and listen to that.
MP: That was me for a while. Yeah, that’s a good one. Do you ever use a mini disc recorder?
PW: No. I needed something real last second, ‘cause my first interview, I wasn’t totally prepared for since we had just started this website not that long ago. I was interviewing someone who’s in a band that’s a friend of mine, and I just needed this like the night of, so I ran to Circuit City and picked it up because it was right there. Although, I think it’s going to be hard to find actual cassette tapes.
Q: No. Easy. Totally.
MP: OK, two years ago…I love cassette tape recording, but I like four-track cassette. Well this was, um, after the hurricane, and I couldn’t find cassette tapes.
Q: It was New Orleans after the hurricane, you couldn’t find anything. You couldn’t find milk.
MP: No, no, no. I went other places and looked. I went home for Christmas and looked at Wal-Mart and Radio Shack and different places. And I could find low bias tape but I couldn’t find hi bias tapes, so I ordered a brick online.
Q: The internet.
PW: You can get anything on the internet.
Q: Yeah, you can get anything on the internet.
MP: Stock up. Stock up.
PW: I’m gonna have to, yeah. I don’t wanna tape over any of the interviews.
MP: It’s fun to have.
[Quintron drops a pint glass]
MP: Woo.
Q & PW: Uh oh.
MP: That’s a good thing to record, that sound.
PW: That didn’t happen. What glass?
MP: I like mini discs.
Ian St. Pe of Black Lips: Is this [a beer] one of y’alls?
All: No.
Q: It’s yours.
ISP: You see this? [holds up a coin] This coin is my dream and it didn’t come true.
PW: Aw! Well, the night’s still young.
Q: What happened in your dream?
ISP: Goonies. Did y’all ever see Goonies?
PW: Yeah!
Q: No.
PW: No? What?!
ISP: You never saw Goonies?!!
Q: I have never seen Goonies.
PW: That’s pretty crazy.
MP: It’s been so long, I don’t remember. I saw it on TV.
Q: It is crazy. I watch a lot of movies.
ISP: For me, as a kid, there was this one scene that really stood out as like a rebel, just as a kid, it was very empowering. There’s a scene, where they’re in this wishing well, and he’s taking these coins. And one kid’s like “You can’t take these coins! You know, these are people’s dreams.” And he holds one up and he says, “You see this? This was mine. This was my dream. And it didn’t come true; I’m taking it back. I’m taking ‘em all back.” And to me as a kid, I was just like, “Man, you’re doing what I wanna do.” It was real powerful for me as a child. But yeah…[exits dressing room to start Black Lips’ set]
Q: Have a fun show!
PW: Good luck!

The dressing room at Johnny Brenda’s is literally right behind the stage, and so it was way too loud to conduct the actual interview there while The Black Lips were playing. We took a break so Quintron and Miss Pussycat could change, then we headed downstairs and hung out in the stairwell next to the kitchen to chat some more.

Check back for “Interview with: Quintron & Miss Pussycat, part 2” tomorrow!

Quintron & Miss Pussycat: website | myspace
Black Lips: myspace


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