Interview With: The Postelles

Two of the four wonderful fellas from New York’s The Postelles took some time to chat me up about what they’ve been up to and where the year will take them. Hit play to listen to “White Night” and check out what they have to say.

Hey guys, thank you for wanting to work with PopWreck(oning). We dig your sound and are glad you’re taking some time to talk with us. When and how did The Postelles come to be?
Daniel Balk: Thanks so much, we love PopWreck(oning). We met in high school in New York and have been playing music in separate bands up until eight months ago when we started The Postelles.
PW: How did you all first get involved with music; playing, writing, performing?
DB: I’ve wanted to be a musician since as long as I can remember. From the first time I heard
The Beatles in 1st grade, I wanted to be in a band. The Beatles were so well known for the fact that they wrote all their songs, that it made me want to be a songwriter above anything else.
Billy Cadden: I grew up in Woodstock and ever since I was a kid I have been around music. It has always been a part of my life. My first touring experience was actually with the
Indigo Girls, because my mom was friends with a band member. They would let me go out on stage when I was little and would often serenade me with “Billy Don’t Be A Hero” which was cool. The reason I took up the drums was because, in my first band, every other instrument was taken, but the drums worked out for me nonetheless.
Having lived in New York City for several years myself, I know what a chaotic yet amazing and diverse place it can be – how has living in New York influenced your sound and who/what do you consider other influences?

BC: New York has one of the best music scenes so I feel lucky growing up here and getting to go to a lot of live shows. Two of my biggest musical influences are Kings of Leon and Muse. After seeing both of them at Lollapalooza and then again in the city, I know what I want everyone who sees us to feel from our live performance.
DB: New York definitely gives you more of a push to be the best you can be, because there are so many good bands competing to play at the same music venues or get on the best New York blog or whatever. Other than the city, I’m musically influenced by tons of bands, some being The Beatles, The Band, Bob Marley, Jimmy Cliff, The Supremes, The Ramones; the list could go on forever.
PW: What are some of your favorite places to hang out in the city and catch a show?
BC: I really like Webster Hall.
DB: A lot of venues are over 21 so its tough for us as we are all under 21. But Bowery Ballroom is great for shows, best sound in the city.
PW: One of my favorite places is the Bowery Ballroom, too! You guys just recently played a show there; what was that like?
BC: It was insane. Some of my favorite bands have played the Bowery so I was really excited to get on that stage. We also had our own VIP section blocked off upstairs for us. We never used it, but it was nice to have.
DB: As I said before the Bowery has the best sound in the city. It was amazing to be up on the same stage that The Strokes, Libertines, Wilco and so many other bands have played. It definitely felt surreal. It was also nice having a crew carry our amps, which we’ve never had before.
PW: Next month you leave for a stint in Europe, do you have plans to tour the States anytime soon?
DB: Yeah, we do. We got the opportunity to tour Europe first so we took it, but we are planning to go through the US in June and July. But check our MySpace, we’re always adding new gigs every week.
PW: Your song “White Night” appears on Tank Farm Clothing’s “Future Sounds, vol. 31” (which is available for free with any online purchase) – how did you get to be involved with that project?
DB: Future Sounds Blog really liked “White Night” so they featured it on the compilation. Other than that, we didn’t have much to do with it, but I do think its really great and has some really good bands on it.
PW: Retone Records recently released your self-titled EP: What went into making the record and did you achieve what you set out to with it?
BC: We went in to the studio without a producer or any outside ears, so it was a real learning experience for us. We learned a lot about our instruments and the whole recording process. I am still very proud of the record.
DB: Writing wise, the EP was a lot of work, but we recorded the six songs in four days. We wanted the EP to sound exactly like we do live and I think we achieved that. We still enjoy playing the record live which is great.
PW: What does the rest of 2008 hold for The Postelles?
DB: Hopefully a lot of shows and a record release of some kind. We are recording right now and should have something new to release soon, but 2008 is going to be a lot of fun.
PW: Be sure to give us a heads up on the new record!
BC: I am looking forward to touring the most. Going on tour with other bands while traveling across the country has always been a dream of mine.
PW: What are you guys listening to right now?
BC: In the past week or two my most played song is “Midnight Surprise” by Lightspeed Champion. Our guitarist David and I recently saw him play and actually got to meet him. The show was amazing. He even played a song he has never played live before as per our request.
PW: I just saw him last week, as well. It was so, so good! And Dev is just so sweet.
DB: I think the MGMT song “Weekend Wars” is amazing. Other than that I’m not too in love with anything going on right now, but I do like Lightspeed Champion a lot. There are a few new bands I like, but I think overall the music scene needs something fresh. It seems like a lot of bands are trying to outdo each other in terms of being different and not focusing on actually writing good songs. Some bands are more interested in the scene, rather the music, but there are some good new bands that I feel are changing that.
PW: That’s probably a fair assessment about some bands. Well I hope you guys set out to change that! Thanks again for talking with me, it’s been wonderful getting to know more about The Postelles!

The Postelles: myspace


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