Quintron and Miss Pussycat – The Bottleneck, Lawrence, Kansas

What do you get when you combine a charismatic puppet show, a historic music venue, a musical coffee can called “drum buddy” and vintage keyboard sporting a grill, license plate, headlights and bumper? The answer is simple; the Quintron and Miss Pussycat live show at The Bottleneck in Lawrence, Kansas.

Resting where drums would generally sit, hovered a blue puppet show stage strongly resembling a bouncy castle, which Miss Pussycat kicked off the show by crawling into. Puppets, at Miss Pussycat’s command, discuss a haunted art gallery, macaroni art, and rotting goat carcases. The show’s crowd, consisting primarily of hipsters and high school kids gathered to see The Black Lips (because SPIN told them to), turned on the evenings puppets quicker than Fred Phelps decides to picket the local drag shows. If only one thing was learned from tonight’s show, it was that indie kids think they’re too cool for puppets on acid.

But that mood changed quickly as Quintron and the musical portion of the evening began. His ability to keep time on the sets second number, “Fly Like a Rat,” while creating tones on his bunk bed style keyboard, dropping the f-bomb, singing the song’s energetic lyrics and switching back and forth between reverb pedals, seemed almost effortless. Yet, his balancing act of multiple responsibilities makes for outstanding stage energy and keeps the crowd captivated in awe of what he’ll do next. With them eating out of his hands, he seems his chance to make his demands; a drumstick from the crowd. “A common, everyday drumstick,” he screams, “hook me up!” Once obliged, “Wild West” is begun in full force, as Quintron darts and dives around his tiny area, controlling virtually everything he can get his hands on. Watching him search frantically for the proper tool needed to complete his task, proves how calculated and unique his stage show really is. There is a science to this music. It’s been planned and crafted from common household tools. This is music made by that kid who turned the toaster into a hybrid mode of transportation for the third grade science project. This is a stage show presented by that kid who use to kick your ass in debate every year. This is nerd rock at it’s best.

And Miss Pussycat, was that friend in high school who never noticed that Quintron was awkward.

Despite the crowd’s reaction to her fairly creative puppet show, Miss Pussycat is no hack, either. On stage, she sports bling that looks a little like Christmas tree tinsel and a yarn ball on her head. This however can be overlooked based on how fucking cool she seems as she screams “HEY!” in the offbeat of “Shop Lifter,” the set’s opening number. On “Swamp Buggy Badass,” the set’s third cut, I don’t believe that Miss Pussycat stopped bouncing, as she rocked hard with her felt covered maracas. Simply put, she’s so different, that you almost want to be in her company just for the opportunity to see what she’ll do next. She’s a dull moment’s worst enemy.

So, if you like puppet shows, nerd rock, or shows that are different from anything you’ve ever seen, you should honestly try to catch these guys on the remainder of their national tour. You can also grab their albums on vinyl, purchase VHS tapes of Miss Pussycats’ puppet shows, or just check up on them through the following links:

The Bands’ Website
Quintron’s Myspace
Miss Pussycats’ Myspace


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