Interview With: Rachel Minton of Zolof the Rock and Roll Destroyer

Adorable Philadelphia native Rachel Minton, of the widely popular Zolof the Rock and Roll Destroyer, took some time to answer a few questions for you beautiful PopWreck(oning) readers. Check out what she had to say about their new album Schematics, hanging with Reel Big Fish, and her own record label, Le Pamplemousse Records.

Jessica/PopWreck(oning): Hey Rachel, thanks for taking the time to answer some questions for PopWreck(oning). We’re long time fans so we really appreciate you doing this. When did you first start playing music and what has influenced you since then to continue playing?
Rachel Minton: I’ve been playing music since before I can remember. I’ve always loved singing & playing any instrument I could get my hands on. I was really lucky to have a supportive family who would make available to me almost any instrument I was interested in. I always say that I will stop playing music when it stops being fun…and so far I’m still having a blast.
PW: The latest album, Schematics, was released on your own label, Le Pamplemousse Records. How did writing/recording/putting out this record differ from past efforts on others’ labels?
RM: We started making the album under our contract with our former label, so we weren’t aware at the time that we’d be putting it out ourselves. With Schematics, though, we started writing it with the intention of being more lyrically honest & straightforward.
PW: How has the label been fairing and what have you been learning along the way?
RM: I’ve been getting a lot of press kits in the mail. As far as learning new things, I learn new things every day. I think that if you’re serious about properly releasing a record, you need a lot of help from a lot of other people. I’m lucky to have a great team working with Zolof.
PW: Did anything in particular make you choose the French word for grapefruit for the label’s name?
RM: Le pamplemousse has always been my favorite French word.
PW: How did you get involved with Le Pamplemousse’s acquisition Pots & Pans?
RM: Adam is a great friend of mine. When his old band lost a female backup singer and keyboardist, I started filling in with them when Zolof wasn’t touring. Then he asked me to help him write some songs with him for his old band and we realized that together we were writing machines. So when his band broke up we kept writing together and that became ‘Pots & Pans’.
PW: Prior to Schematics, you released a split with Reel Big Fish, Duet All Night Long. How did that project come about and what was it like working with RBF?
RM: We had toured with Reel Big Fish a bit ago and we became friends with those guys. During our tour (and on their live DVD) I started singing the female part for their song “She Has A Girlfriend Now.” Aaron and I liked singing together and we had briefly discussed doing a duet of some sort. When Recognition Recordings approached us with the idea of doing a split release, we decided to extend our ‘duet’ idea into an entire split.
PW: Later this month you’re headed out on tour with The Morning Of and Jet Lag Gemini — what can your fans expect from the jaunts through the US and Europe?
RM: Both tours are going to be really fun.
PW: What are you listening to these days?
RM: I’ve been listening to a lot of The Beatles and John Lennon solo songs recently.

US Tour Dates:
3/14 – The Canal Club/Richmond, Va.
3/16 – Fat Daddy’s/Lewisville, Tx.
3/17 – Fusion Affect/Shawnee, Ok.
3/18 – The Unity Center/Roswell, Nm.
3/19 – The Phix/Phoenix, Az.
3/20 – Showcase Theatre/Cornona, Ca.
3/21 – Kung Foo Corner/West Lake, Ca.
3/22 – Empire Theatre/Stockton, Ca.
3/23 – Hawthorne Theatre/Portland, Or.
3/24 – Studio Seven/Seattle, Wa.
3/25 – The Venue/Boise, Id.
3/26 – The Outer Rim/Salt Lake City, Ut.
3/27 – Club NVO/Logan, Ut.
3/28 – TBA/Kansas City, Mo.
3/29 – The Vault/Buffalo, Mn.
3/30 – The Quarry/St. Cloud, Mn.
3/31 – Subterranean/Chicago, Il.
4/01 – Mac’s Bar/Lansing, Mi.
4/02 – Frankies/Toldeo, Oh.
4/03 – The Balcony/Lakewood, Oh.
4/04 – Michalina’s Bistro/Buffalo, Ny.
4/05 – Beacon St. Bar & Grille/Neptune, Nj.
4/06 – Vibe Lounge/Rockville Centre, Ny.
4/07 – North Star Bar/Philadelphia, Pa.

European Tour Dates:
5/19 – Joiners/Southampton, UK
5/20 – Free Butt/Brighton, UK
5/21 – Pop Bubble Rock/Manchester, UK
5/22 – Underworld/London, UK
5/23 – Carling Academy/Oxford, UK
5/24 – Racehorse/Northampton, UK
5/25 – TBA/Glasgow, UK
5/26 – Carling Academy/Newcastle, UK
5/27 – Bar Academy/Birmingham, UK
5/28 – Corporation/Sheffield, UK
5/29 – Cavern/Exeter, UK
6/11 – B72/Vienna, AT

Zolof the Rock and Roll Destroyer: website | myspace
Le Pamplemousse Records: website | myspace
Pots & Pans: myspace

[where: Philadelphia, PA]


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