Young Blaze

Sup Kiddies?

I love Hip Hop. The way it allows you to express yourself and not have to answer to anyone but your fans. I will do the best i can to bring you the rawest, newest, unheard of Hip Hop in the world. Starting with my man Young Blaze out of Chi-Town.

Young Blaze is from Chicago. He got his name by being one of the youngest spitters of his time, at a very popular club in Chicago, where Hip Hop stars are born. He describes the name as something that was given to him by peers, but was hard to accept, at first. It took online props for him to recognize and give him props for his, shall we say, FIRE!

He is a firm believer in independent music. He has mentioned to me that he is aware that an artist can go platinum over night based on what they do over the internet, but the thought of being under control of a label does not interest his creativity. From what I’ve seen, and the people he’s been with, he is in the process of closing one, but when you see him or hear he seems to try to avoid any sort of “commitment” to his craft.

Young Blaze’s Grind:
He has a song wit Timbaland!
He has a song wit Pharell!
He has joints produced by Kanye and Just Blaze!
DJ Premier

Just Blaze told me that he is influenced by the likes of, “NOBODY; I’m Me!”


I’ll put it like this, not to compare, but if you like Jay-Z or Twista, or if you like all them signed artists or a lot of crazy tracks.
Favorite spot?
At the Pandamonium, and at the House of Blues in Chicago. That’s where you might see Young Blaze perform.

Keep a look out for this Mid-Western Star on the rise.

Ace Fadal

Talk to Young Blaze direct 24/7 at: website | myspace


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