Rakim – Live, Lost & Found

Legendary lyricist Rakim is set to release a brand new album titled Live, Lost & Found March 4th, 2008.

Live, Lost & Found includes tracks that have not been released or heard by big fans of Rakim, like me, including the new single “It’s Nothing,” as well as an additional 17 tracks of classic Rakim material performed live.

Rakim is undoubtedly one of the greatest MCs — perhaps the greatest — of all time within the Hip Hop community. The way the broken English rolls off Rakim’s tongue is carried off with an effortless cool that makes it sound as though he’s not even breaking a sweat. With witty word play over jazzy rhythms, easy kicks, and high snares, his smooth voice will leave even your mamma asking you to press rewind.

Rakim is known for being one of the pioneers of classical Hip Hop, with his DJ/Producer Eric B. Together the deadly duo recorded a string of classic material like “Eric B. Is President,” “I Ain’t No Joke” and “Paid in Full.” Eric B. and Rakim’s first two full-length albums, 1987’s Paid in Full and 1988’s Follow the Leader, are still regarded as all-time Hip Hop classics. Rakim can easily take the blame for being an inspiration for similarly progressive-minded MCs to follow, and helped ensure that even after the rise of other fertile scenes around the country, East Coast rap would maintain a reputation as the center of innovative lyrical technique.



Ace Fadal

Rakim: website | myspace

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  1. Love his verse on “Better Than I’ve Ever Been” by Kanye.

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