Interview With: Mat Brooke of Grand Archives

Though busy touring on the road, Mat Brooke of Grand Archives, took a bit of time to answer some questions for us, which we’re very grateful for, as we love the new album!

Jessica/PopWreckoning: Hey Mat, I hope you’re well. Thanks for taking the time to answer some questions for PopWreck(oning). We’re big fans of the new record; it’s wonderful! What prompted the name change from Archives to Grand Archives?
Mat Brooke: We wanted to be next to Grand Funk Railroad in the record store. Plus, we found out there was another band called Archives.
JPW: What inspired the inception of Grand Archives?
MB: Mostly whiskey, and “Sister Golden Hair” by America
JPW: How does writing and playing for Grand Archives differ from your past projects (Band of Horses & Carissa’s Wierd), both recording and live?

MB: Grand Archives’ music is a little less dramatic and more easy-going.

JPW: How does it feel to be amongst the ranks of label mates The Postal Service and Iron & Wine for having been offered a record deal before ever having played a live show? Did you ever imagine that would happen when Grand Archives was making the initial demo?

MB: Sub Pop was aware of the band and what we were up to and actually signed us after we played live, so I guess we’re different than the bands you mentioned above in that respect.

JPW: Aside from the fairytale beginning (1 demo and 1 show getting you signed to Sub Pop!) is there more pressure for Grand Archives’ success because of the popularity of Carissa’s Wierd and Band of Horses (especially with some expecting Grand Archives to be the next big thing from Seattle)?
MB: We’re a new band and this is our first record, we’re just focused on supporting our record and playing good shows.
JPW: “George Kaminsky” was inspired by a convict that held the record for being an owner of the largest four-leaf clover collection in the world — how did you initially hear about George and what inspired you to write a song about him?
MB: I read an article in the newspaper and we were talking about it at practice one day. I thought it’dmake a good topical piece for a song.
JPW: What bands or albums are you currently listening to?
MB: As far as current bands go, we’re all big fans of the Fleet Foxes, and Ron likes Band of Bees.
JPW: What’s the rest of 2008 looking like for Grand Archives now that the album’s out?
MB: We ought to be on the road most of the year in support of the album.

Be sure to pick up The Grand Archives on Subpop Records and check out the guys on tour!

Tour Dates:
Mar 4 2008 • HI-DIVE • DENVER, Colorado
Mar 6 2008 • PICADOR • IOWA CITY, Iowa
Mar 7 2008 • 7TH STREET ENTRY • MINNEAPOLIS, Minnesota
Mar 8 2008 • SCHUBAS • CHICAGO, Illinois
Mar 9 2008 • SLOWDOWN • OMAHA, Nebraska
Mar 11 2008 • DAN’S SILVERLEAF • DENTON, Texas
Mar 12 2008 • LOLA’S • FORT WORTH, Texas
Mar 13 2008 • SXSW • AUSTIN, Texas
Mar 14 2008 • SXSW • AUSTIN, Texas
Mar 15 2008 • SXSW • AUSTIN, Texas
Mar 18 2008 • RHYTHM ROOM • PHOENIX, Arizona
Mar 21 2008 • DANTE’S • PORTLAND, Oregon

Grand Archives: website | myspace
Subpop: website | myspace


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