The Gutter Twins: Saturnalia

Warning: If you suffer from depression, sometimes feel lonely thanks to Hallmark commercials, or have been moved to tears by sad episodes of “Saved By The Bell,” The Gutter TwinsSaturnalia might just push you to your breaking point. The band is comprised of the former Afghan Whigs member Greg Dulli and Screaming Trees Mark Lanegan, and with them comes a history of sadness and indulgence in deathly vices, which serve as the muse that make this album heavy in it’s aches and pains.

The easiest route of describing The Gutter Twins would be to simply state how much they sound like Nick Cave or Tom Waits. But the thing is, their sound goes much deeper than that. It sports a very deep and slightly dark goth-blues fusion that is not for the weak at heart. This is not an album to listen to if you’re trying to get your life together. The lyrics tend to focus on regret, misfortune, causality, and mortality, rather than hope and inspiration, giving this album a feeling of reality that few albums can achieve in such an honest manner. Ranging in style from acoustic guitar to chunky riffs to electronic rock, there is a little bit of something for everyone on here.

The band recently embarked on a national tour in support of Saturnalia, which will feature shows in both the United States and Europe. Thanks to the fine people at Sub Pop records, PopWreck(oning)‘s own Molly will be lucky enough to review them in Atlanta, Ga. You, however, can catch them in your city by checking out their tour dates here. You can also check out their sound by clicking the following links:

The Gutter Twins Myspace
The Gutter Twins Website
Sub Pop Records

4 Responses

  1. Afghan Whigs? I like them already.

  2. @ Zen: yeah, this album has a little bit darker of a tone than I normally like. But, it’s very clear while listening to it that there is a lot of talent involved. At times, the vocals sound very David Bowie which I loved. It is worth your checking out, but then again, anything on sub pop is.

  3. Nick Cave? Not only is that any easy route, but I’d suggest it misses the mark.

    Over the years, Nick has discovered performance space at street level, where the visibility is clear (at least till sunset) and the sun occasionally breaks through.

    “Saturnalia” rarely climbs beyond sub-basement three – where uncertainty, illusion and yearning for higher ground, reign supreme.

    I love ’em both, and will see The Gutter Twins on Friday in Chicago – where the show starts, appropriately, at 11:30pm.

  4. @ anonymous Nick Cave Fan:

    I think you and I have taken different routes here. You seem to be comparing NIck Cave’s entire musical career, to the 12 songs the Gutter Twins have released. I however was simply pointing out that at times, I could see lining up a song or by the two groups in order to make a reference.

    I also pointed out in the next line, that this band goes MUCH deepr than that. This was me admiting that this comparison was almost cheating, as it is way to broad or a suggestion. I do however agree with you that it is of a stretch.

    But if I were to find a band exactly like them to discribe them to listeners who hadn’t seen them, the review would say, The gutter Twins sound like, the gutter twins on the new cut by the gutter twins.

    And that’s not very much fun to read.

    I do however hope you have an amazing time atthe show and I’m glad you’re getting to go. I was very bummed when they didn’t HAVE a Kansas date for me. Have fun for us both. And let us know how the show was. Thanks for reading.


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