Creature – No Sleep At All

Canadian band Creature‘s debut album No Sleep At All is a fun and raucous musical party. Formed in 2004 by Kim Ho (guitar and vocals), Cowbella (keyboards and vocals) and Sid-Z (drums), all of other bands, Creature took time releasing their first album. They first built up a fan base through touring and earned a reputation for getting their audiences to tear up the dance floor. Their influences stem from hip hop, dance punk and new wave, but Creature has created their own original sound with male/female vocals that will leave you charged, singing  memorable  hooks  and smiling, not to mention shaking what you’re mama gave you.

These glammed up and sassy-as-all-get-out rockers offer a non-stop, high energy record with No Sleep At All that gives away a penchant for all things chaotic. Hip hop, power pop and electronic dance music run through a blender on puree create the delicious concoctions Creature has created on No Sleep At All. The band was touting the debut being finished as far back as January 2007, but continually found aspects of the album to perfect. Their desire to push the record back until they were fully satisfied with the final product was more than worth it; No Sleep At All is a straight up amazing album without a single filler nor a snoozer amongst the lot.

The record opens with the voracious “Who’s Hot Who’s Not,” a love song, as stated throughout the chorus, for old school hip-hop, immediately made apparent by the happy-go-lucky rap, backed by a feverish cowbell, that begins the songs. They praise the influential musical movement’s early ideals and ability to overcome roadblocks: “You know what they were rapping about was positivity / Despite the fact that they were living in greater poverty.” “Don’t Be Afraid” follows with the ladies of the group telling their men to smarten up while Kim sings professes an almost stalkery love.

On “Brigitte Bardot,” Creature sings about the famed French beauty surrounded by a motif of partying, freedom and outer space, claiming they’d not only never tell Bardot “no,” but “Would you get high with Brigitte Bardot? / Pass the dutchie, baby.” Their almost five-minute long anthem for an ageless beauty segues into a song all about age, titled “Alive.” The track begins with a loudly sung “Cuckoo!” followed by a funky synth keyboard solo that launches into a chorus of “I’m alive! / I’m 65! / I’m alive! / And I like 65! / I’m alive! / And I like it!” The band’s message of freedom more than shines through in this song, declaring that senior citizens are freer than ever and love being alive; “Just because I’m 65 doesn’t mean I don’t know how to party!”

The album’s solid and

Grab a copy of Creature’s No Sleep At All, out in Canada March 4, 2008 on Bonsound Records.

Mar 05 – Le National/Montreal, Que. (CD Release show!)
Mar 06 – El Mocambo/Toronto, Ont.
Mar 07 – L’Azile/Joliette
Mar 08 – Bar Le Metric/St Jean-Sur-Richelieu, Que.
Mar 14 – Maggie Mae’s/Austin, Tx.
Mar 20 – L’Impérial/Québec City, Que.
Mar 21 – Le Téléphone Rouge/Sherbrooke, Que.
Mar 22 – Le Zaricot/Saint-Hyacinthe, Que.
Apr 03 – Zaphod Beeblebrox/Ottawa, Ont.
Apr 11 – Le Box Office/Drummondville, Que.
Apr 19 – Café-Galerie l’Embuscade/Trois-Rivières, Que.
Apr 26 – The Pepper Jack Cafe/Hamilton, Ont.
Jul 12 – Downsview Park/Toronto, Ont.

Creature: website | myspace
Bonsound Records: website


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