Your Vegas at the TLA

Traveling across the United States to open for a hugely popular band like The Bravery can be a daunting task, but Your Vegas had spent the last month more than up for it. On Febuary 22, Your Vegas took the stage at Philadelphia’s Fillmore at the TLA and wowed the audience.

As with any opener, the crowd was slightly muted as the set began, trying to feel out the sound and style of Your Vegas. By the set’s third song, “Birds of Paradise,” which featured a wonderful piano part, the crowd had turned over their complete attention to the five musicians rocking out on the stage. Throughout the set, both Muse and The Killers came to mind as I listened to Your Vegas power through their set.

“The Way The War Was Won” saw front man Coyle Girelli trade his electric guitar for an acoustic to perform this beautiful ballad. The next song, “Until The Lights Go Out,” saw the end of the crowd’s uncertainty, as the audience began bopping to the beats and focusing on nothing but Your Vegas’ energetic performance. “In My Head,” the band’s first radio single, received a wonderful reception from the crowd and as they closed with “Troubled Times,” every single person in the crowd was clapping along with the band. If their show at the TLA is any indication, make no mistake about the future success of Your Vegas.

It Makes My Heart Break, Your Vegas, Birds of Paradise, The Way The War Was Won, Until The Lights Go Out, In My Head, Troubled Times

Your Vegas: website | myspace

[where: 334 South Street, Philadelphia, PA 19147]


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