A Weather: Cove

In a music industry cluttered by overproduced and muddled albums, A Weather sways against the normal grain, constructing songs that rely on simple structure and soft sounds that stand alone in their beauty. On Cove, Aaron Gerber‘s vocals blend with singer/drummer Sarah Winchester‘s voice, in an album laced with depressing yet candid lyrics. A prime example of this is found on the album’s opening track, “Spiders, Snakes,” that’s lyrics state: Don’t get your hopes up / No, keep them low / Try not to reach so high / Hard work won’t pay off in the end.Placed over verses consisting mainly of a marching snare and bass drum pattern, no distractions are present to steal the attention away from the song’s straightforward meaning. A soft musical overtone of guitar and piano is placed over the chorus, in an attempt to change the feel of the song in the slightest way possible to avoid a sense of monotony without changing the pace and flow of the song itself.

I find myself impressed above all with the manner in which A Weather structures its song in an intelligent and overly meaningful manner. A prime example of this can be found in “Shirley Road Shirley,” a beautiful song which begins with an acoustic guitar riff and Gerber fronted lyrics, which focuses on the depressing realities of life, and how they can all be forgotten in the company of the right person. In light of all the bad surrounding swirling about, Gerber confesses to the subject of his affection, “I just want to lie down, with you / I won’t try anything / I swear, you won’t even know I’m there.” The song itself touches flawlessly on the brilliance and creative abilities A Weather is blessed to call their signature sound, found throughout the entire album.

Plans are for Cove to be released on vinyl, and the more common CD version March 4th on Conor Oberst’s brainchild, Team Love Records. You can catch them live, playing SXSW on March 14th at Habana Calle 6, or through the following links:

A Weather’s Myspace
A Weather’s Website
Team Love Records


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