In The News

After having secretly spending 10 weeks on the front lines in Afghanistan fighting Taliban forces, Prince Harry is leaving the country after news of his station was leaked. Few news sources around the world knew of Harry’s deployment, but were asked by the British Military to keep it under wraps so as not to put the prince and his fellow troops in anymore harm than necessary. Prince Harry was labeled as a “Bullet Magnet” and was specifically singled out by enemy forces for capture, ransom and assassination.

The British Prime Minister, earlier today, said that he was proud of Harry’s service, as well as the service of all of the 7,800 British troops in the war, but that at this time, it is in the British Military’s best interest to remove Harry from action since he is so high profile. Prince Harry is third in line for the British throne, following his father Prince Charles and his older brother Prince William.

Yesterday, oil spiked to its highest price ever in history, breaking $103.00 per barrel. Conversely, the value of the US dollar is continuing its decline against the Euro.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is threatening to sue the current administration in a civil lawsuit if her request for the Justice Department to pursue the dismissal of prosecutors in 2006. She’s asking for White House documents relating to the dismissals be handed over and investigated; President Bush is claiming executive privileges regarding the matter.
I’m of the opinion that the branches of governments and opposing parties need to work together in solving actual problems the country is facing rather than suing each other. Ms. Speaker, write that down.

Iraq’s Presidential Council endorsed the death sentence for Ali Hassan al-Majid, known as “Chemical Ali” for his role in the gassing of thousands of Iraqi Kurds during a 1988 campaign of genocide. His execution would be set to occur within the next 30 days.


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