New Smashing Pumpkins Video

Smashing Pumpkins‘ previously unrecorded, but played heavily on the road, “SuperChrist”had become a fan favorite. Check out the new video below:

The Smashing Pumpkins didn’t put the song to tape while working on their latest release, Zeitgeist, because they felt the need to experiment further with it on tour before they had a
complete understanding of where they wanted it to go. Having smoothed out the kinks via live performance, they went into the studio and recorded it for inclusion on a compilation CD featuring bands staffed by the employees of Guitar Center. The Smashing Pumpkins took part in choosing these bands based upon submissions from Guitar Center.

In contributing “SuperChrist” to the project, the Smashing Pumpkins hope to aid in gaining exposure for the up and coming bands they share space with on the disk. The compilation with the unreleased studio version of “SuperChrist” will be available in a limited quantity at
Guitar Center locations beginning March 1st, but you can get an early listen and a peek at the video for the song right now exclusively on MySpace.


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