Little Women – Teeth

When Little Women formed two years ago, they set out to create a musical group that muddied the waters between structure and spontaneity. To do so, the formed a sound that combines aspects of Chicago free-jazz, pop music, punk rock, math metal, and harsh noise.

To me, though, it sounds like the noise trumpets would make, had they come to life by some freak of nature, only to be stepped on by Martha, the 800 pound fat-lady that travels with the local circus. It needs to be said, however, that I can’t really give a clear review of this band, as I don’t fully grasp this band. They make me feel a little like the punchline of a joke, than no one told me I was a part of. I know that I should be writing things down, figuring things out, and telling you why they’re wonderful or horrible, yet I refuse to do either. I will not give a poor review to a band that I simply do not understand.

This band is way above my head. I will, however, go so far as to say that Teeth is an album I would not and will not be listening to on a regular basis. I had a very hard time getting into it, and more importantly understanding it. But, if experimental jazz happens to be your thing, Little Women might be for you. Check them out when they release Teeth, March 4th on Four Paws Media.

Four Paws Media’s Webpage
Four Paws Media’s Myspace
Little Women’s Myspace


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