Tuesday Troubles

Luck was not on my side, last night, as I ventured a few hours north to New York City to catch Tina Dico‘s only show in the United States until the spring. I’d left home with what should have been plenty of time, but I believe New York was spiting me with delayed transportation for having moved back to Philadelphia from “The Big Apple” (no real New Yorker calls it that) this past June. I love New York, regardless, but am truly bummed to have missed Tina’s set, arriving just as it finished.

I did, however, manage a brief meeting with the lovely Ms. Dico thanks to the wonderful ladies of Cornerstone [Promotion]. I’m happy to report that Tina was super sweet and said she looked forward to my attendance when she’s back for a full-length US tour, which will hopefully stop through Philadelphia so I’m not at the whim of NJ Transit and the MTA.

Until the spring tour and April release (US) of her new album Count To Ten, check out Tina’s video for the first single “On The Run.”

Birdie Busch was playing upstairs at the venue I’d trekked to for Tina, and I did manage to catch a few of her songs (A Room in the City, Water, Gigi), which was great and made me feel a bit better about having made the trip up. Not a total bum night, and I guess that’s all I can ask for.

Tina Dico website | myspace
Birdie Busch myspace


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  1. the video is very pretty! great song 😀

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