Today’s Music News Rundown

Could Miss Sum41 have a skater boi on the way? Derek Wembley and Avril Lavigne stopped to splurge at Liza Kline Kids, spending nearly $500 on a cheetah diaper bag, baby sized AC/DC shirts and a camo pacifier holder. With taste like that, that bun in Avril’s tummy just might pop out sporting a pretty fair sized mullet. Also, is anyone else having a difficult time picturing Avril as a mother?

In other news, System of the Down has officially called it quits, following a solo album from Serj Tankian and a side project titled Scars on Broadway by the remaining members. Furthermore, this does not appear to be a happy breakup, via a quote from former member Malakin, “There’s no talk of System doing anything. We’re not planning on doing anything. If anyone’s holding their breath for a System record, they’re going to turn blue and pass out. It’s a long ways away, if it ever even happens. We don’t even talk about it – none of us. This (Scars on Broadway) is my band right now.”

Cliff notes verson: System of the Down has split down the middle and vowed now to make twice as many annoying records as before. We just can’t win.

In a failure to follow the lead of System of the Down, P.O.D. has release their new single “Addicted” on iTunes. Even God knows it was a mistake for this Christian band who should’ve faded away years ago with the likes of Korn, Staind and Fred Durst. Let it go.

And don’t forget, today is Hug Your Favorite Homeless Man Day. So until tomorrow, that’s the news. [Ed. note: Or maybe just give some change if you’re not into PDAs]


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