Presidential Watch! HI, WA, WI

Hawaii (Democratic Caucus)
Barack Obama swept his home state winning 76% of the vote while opponent Hillary Clinton managed 24% of the vote.
(The Hawaii Republican Convention will be help on May 18th.)

Washington (Republican Primary)
John McCain won Washington state with an overwhelming 49% of the vote to Mike Huckabee’s 21%. Former candidate Mitt Romney scored an impressive 20% after quitting more than a week ago. Ron Paul took home 7% of the Washington state vote.
[Dem non-binding primary held Feb 19th (whatever that means?)]

Obama won over the democrats of Wisconsin and garnered 58% of the vote. Clinton succeeded in taking home 41% of the Wisconsin vote.
John McCain also won Wisconsin with 55% of the vote while Huckabee took 37%. Ron Paul edged out the ex-candidate Romney with 5% to Romney’s 2%.

Hey Republicans — Romney’s out. Stop causing confusion. Thanks.

Next Up: Ohio, Rhode Island, Texas & Vermont primaries all held on Tuesday, March 4th.

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