Eye on the Sky

Tonight at 10:30PM, both North America and South America will be able to witness the last total lunar eclipse until December 2010!

Also at 10:30PM tonight, the United States Navy will attempt to shoot a 5,000-pound, errant satellite 150 miles high in the sky. There is a 10-second window in which the Navy will have to destroy the faulty spy satellite before the aftermath would cause the satellite to tumble to the Earth and release a toxic cloud of gas. The United States government is spending $60 million dollars on this potentially fatal endeavor. If no military intervention were to occur, the satellite would fall to Earth releasing the toxic gas on its own around March 6th of this year.

This measure is being taken to prevent danger to human beings: an attempt to strike the satellite at a low orbit with the missile, which will not carry a warhead, is to blast apart the satellite on impact so that the hydrazine tank full of the toxic gas will explode allowing smaller debris to burn up in the atmosphere. The missile and satellite will collide at about 22,000 mph.

The United States is “prepared to offer assistance to governments to mitigate the consequences of any satellite debris impacts on their territory.”

If you’re in Hawaii, watch the eclipse with caution! Fingers crossed for the safest possible outcome.


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  1. I hope you checked it out. It was pretty sweet!

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