Throw Me The Statue – Moonbeams

Relatively under the radar Seattle act Throw Me The Statue is the baby of Scott Reitherman and is rounded out by Aaron Goldman, Will Cone, Joe Syverson and Jarred Grimes. His sound is an ecclectic mix of garage rock, electro-pop and indie-pop without being cutesy. Reitherman makes music to have fun and doesn’t expect new album Moonbeams to be taken with anything more than a grain of salt.

The first eleven tracks on Moonbeams all begged to be danced to, especially my favorite track “Groundswell,” which features bouncy horns, and “Lolita,” the standout track with an infectious beat.
though the album’s title track slows the tone of the disc down for a wonderful outro. It’s a fun and upbeat album that will shake you from your winter blues!

Be sure to snag a copy of Moonbeams by Throw Me The Statue, available through Baskerville Hill Records for just $10!

Throw Me The Statue myspace
Baskerville Hill Records website | myspace


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