American Music Club – The Golden Age

Set to release tomorrow, American Music Club‘s album The Golden Age has been named by many as one of the best album of 2008. Mark Eitzel and Mark Pankler, better known as Vudi, are the backbone of American Music Club, but the addition of drummer Steve Didelot, bassist Sean Hoffman, and the city of Los Angeles has resulted in The Golden Age, a record that purposely shies away from the cynicism and pretension that is so popular amongst the hipster and indie kid masses.

American Music Club has created a slow-moving and gorgeous album, their second since their 10 year hiatus from 1994 to 2004. Great pop sensibilities and a desire to return to a simpler sound merge to form an album enveloped in a paradoxical melancholy that isn’t so sad. The move to Los Angeles from San Francisco is apparent as the band’s sound is might lighter and happier than it’s been known to be. “Decibels and Little Pills” is a rousing track about the need to save one’s self because “no one here is gonna save you.”

While shifting from the typical sad sound of an American Music Club record, Eitzel’s wistful pen shines through on each track, especially on the meta track “The Window of the World” and the songs of the band’s hometown of San Francisco on “All Lost Souls Welcome You To San Francisco” and “The Grand Duchess of San Francisco.” Lyrically tight and musically sound, The Golden Age provides 13 tracks of an ambient and seamless musical journey.

Fans include Ryan Adams, Radiohead and Bob Dylan. Make sure to pick up The Golden Age by American Music Club starting Tuesday, February 19, 2008 on Merge Records.

American Music Club website | myspace
Merge Records website


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