Time Again – Darker Days

Regardless of what is endlessly repeated, punk is very much a matter of conformity. Let me explain using music. As an musician you’re expected stick to the same influences for your sound. You sample Tim Armstrong, Ian Mackaye, Guy Picciotto or Fat Mike. You do exactly what was done before you, because that is the path punk has chosen to take. Any deviation from your path that could result in just enough of a change to catch the attention of a “non-punk” kid, is a sin in the highest manner, often referred to as “selling out.” So basically to remain part of this club, you look as your friends look, sound as your friends sound, and stick to the trends already laid out for you.

To me, that sounds a lot like shopping at the Gap to make sure you have the right label on your new jeans, so Cindy Cheerleader will keep you in her circle of friends. And seemingly, Time Again, really likes being in their punk circle, as they have constructed a very sell-out safe punk album with Darker Days.

Their instrumentation is very minimal, but hell, this is punk! Sid couldn’t even PLAY his guitar. Furthermore, there is a lot left to be desired in regards to the album’s lyrical content. But most of the time punk is about moving people through energy and emotion, not lyrics. Sadly however, I think Darker Days might honestly be taking a step backwards in reference to emotion from Time Again’s 2006 cut The Stories Are True, which stood stronger in both message and style. The difference is noticeable between the two albums, as the new cut honestly never seems to settle into that punch in the face needed to push a punk album over the edge. But if you like Rancid, this album sounds a LOT like them. Very fitting from a label owned by the band’s singer.

Look for Time Again’s Darker Days in stores February 19th 2008, on Hellcat Records.

Time Again’s Website

Time Again’s Myspace
Hellcat Records


7 Responses

  1. yeah, fuck you! that’s just the same as anyone else saying metal, pop, jazz, techno or any other genre is conforming to be the same as their roots. Obviously liek every other genre the bands have a certain element in common to be classified as that genre, if the difference is completely noticeable subgenres are formed. Which punk (not according to you) seems to have the most of.

    How bias and ignorant are you for actually saying this in a review other people will read? Just because you don’t like it doesn’t mean you should give it a shit review. I’ve got an idea! I’m going to go do a review for lamb of god and say they sound just like slayer!

    stupid bitch

  2. Okay, even though I don’t really feel the need to explain myself to you, I’m going to post this conversation as I feel very strongly that censorship in any form is a shame. So I’m giving you your soapbox, even if it is simply to call me a stupid bitch. However, I do feel the need to point out that I’m a music journalist. This is what I do. I point out the selling points and fault of albums, bands, and concerts to the general public. With this review, I focused on two situations which I believe to be major faults. Their last album, the stories are true, was MUCH better, and they sound like a Rancid cover band. Keep in mind that those are my personal opinions on this subject, and does not reflect the band in a way other than the fact that I was disappointed the album. I was hoping for something better.

    However, since you feel very strongly that my opinion is way off the mark on this subject, I would like to allow you to tell me why. If you would be willing to email me your home address, I would be willing to mail you the new Time Again album, as well as the media press pack I received from hellcat records. With this information, I would allow you to review the album yourself, and email it back to us. We will, after editing your grammar and spelling, post your review for the world (or our 8 readers) to see. This should compensate for my poor review, allowing the band to be represented from both sides. I think this is a more than fair offer from someone who was cussed at based strictly on their personal opinion. But hell, at least you have that punk feel that I wanted this album to have. I respect you for that.

    So lets see what you’ve got. I’ve given you your soapbox. Step up.

  3. We have more than 8 readers, Joshua! Lack of tonality in the internet sucks (I know you were being funny).
    Hey, maybe he was signing it “stupid bitch” like that’s his name.

    Seriously, though, DrinkFightPogoFuck: Accept the album and review it to be posted here. As the managing editor, I’d be editing it before it would be posted and Josh could tell you that I mainly stick to fixing up grammar/spelling and never change anyone’s words. You’ve got nothing to lose and a Time Again album to gain.

  4. Hey Dumbass, last i checked, Sid played bass.

  5. And the bass is a what?

    Do you have anything to say about the album itself, or are you simply going to attack my word choice?


  6. I’m amused anyway.

  7. Mr. technical likes to be vague. It’s like saying that Matt Freeman plays “guitar” in Rancid.

    Here’s my favorite part of the review:

    “Sadly however, I think Darker Days might honestly be a step backwards in reference to emotion from Time Again’s 2006 cut The Stories Are True, which stood stronger in both message and strong.”

    Stronger in both message, and strong. Those are strong words. Music journalist words.

    What? The critic can’t take criticism?
    It’s fun just trying to get a rise out of the”music journalist”.

    Oh, and the album’s great! But i’m not a “music journalist”. So I apologize.

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