Interview With: Tina Dico

The beautiful and talented Danish singer / songwriter Tina Dico was kind enough to answer a few questions for us earlier today. Her latest album Count to Ten hits the US in April and tomorrow night I’m headed to New York City to catch her set at The Living Room. Check out what Tina had to say:

Jessica, PopWreckoning: Hi Tina, thanks so much for taking the time to answer some questions for PopWreck(oning)! Count to Ten is a gorgeous album and I haven’t been able to get enough of it!

Tina Dico: Thanks!! 🙂

JP: What initially inspired you to begin singing and songwriting? Have you always been passionate about music or have you dabbled in other fields?

TD: My Dad is a hifi-geek so music was taken very seriously at my house – and his passion rubbed off on me! I listened a lot to 60s singer/songwriters as a kid – I loved the intimacy. And then when Tracy Chapman‘s “Fast Car” came out when I was 10 that’s when I started writing and playing the guitar myself. I felt I’d found my soulmate! I was 19 before I played anything to anyone, though. Up until then it was more like my “secret diary.” I thought I was going to be a writer or a geeky philospher, I think.

JP: Would you explain a bit about your two year “musical isolation” in London?

TD: I’ve lived in London for 6 years now and it’s been, and still is, such an inspiring place for me! I’m pretty isolated there – but in a good way! I have most of my friends and my family in Denmark and when I’m in London I often choose to go for, like, a week without seeing anyone – also because the rest of my life is so hectic! It’s kind of an observer’s post for me – I can collect my thoughts and write about the things I find “on the road”…Big cities in general inspire me. So many strangers, side by side, with all their stories and secrets…

JP: While all of the songs on Count to Ten are very obviously personal, they don’t all revolve around you getting heartbroken like many artists seem to get stuck on – where did you draw the inspiration for what you’ve written on this record?

TD: To be honest, I’ve been too busy to have my heart broken these past two years! I’ve been on the move – constantly touring – which is why a lot of the songs revolve around being on the run and not being able to find a solidplace to stop and breathe. They are personal songs but I always try andwrite in a slightly more general way so that hopefully a lot of people will feel it was written for them…

JP: You’re wonderfully received at home in Denmark and across Europe and rightfully so, but the American audience can be very fickle. Your iTunes exclusive in 2006 was #1 on the American folk chart, but what has your experience been like in the United States regarding your first international release In The Red and how do you think Count to Ten will fare?

TD: I have only great experiences in America. I LOVE to tour in this country and audiences everywhere have been just as good as in Europe, definitely! Count To Ten is a great album to perform live and it feels deeper and even more “ME” than In The Red which hopefully people will respond to. So I can’t wait to get it out there!

JP: The video for “On The Run” off of the new album is very beautifully shot. How did you decide upon using Joshua Tree National Park and where did the concept of the video come from?

TD: Actually, I had an afternoon off in L.A. and decided to drive into the desert with my manager, his girlfriend and a cheap HD camera. And we just played around for a couple of hours in the burning heat!! So it was a bit of a lucky shot! But when you’re an indie artist you have to try and make good things out of next to nothing!

JP: Your surname appears in some places as Dico and others as Dickow – could you explain why that is?

TD: The original spelling is “Dickow” but in America that comes out like “dick”-“cow” which is SO unfortunate!! 🙂 The right pronunciation is “Dee-co” so I changed the spelling.

JP: You seem to be touring for most of the spring in Europe with a few select dates in the US, but what does the rest of 2008 hold for you? Can we look forward to a tour in the States?

TD: There’ll be LOTS of dates in America in March, April and May and probably again in the autumn. I love to tour here and I’ll spend quite a bit of time here this year, I’m sure!

JP: Is there anything else you’d like us to know?

TD: I hope people will pop by my website for more and to follow me around on my blog… Here they can also request songs for each gig. Right now I’m dead excited about the Danish Music Awards on Saturday where Count To Ten is up for “Best Album,” “Best Pop Album,” “Best Female,” and “Best Songwriter,”!!! 🙂 I’m doing a trilogy of 6-7 track tour EPs of which the
two first ones will be available at the spring shows.
Jessica: Best of luck on all the nominations!! Thanks again for taking time to answer my questions. I look forward to tomorrow night’s performance at The Living Room in New York City!

Tina’s upcoming tour dates
Opening for Bob Schneider:
Mar. 24 2008Rhythm Room, Phoenix, Az.
Mar. 25 2008 Belly Up, Solana Beach Ca.
Mar. 26 2008Coach House San Juan Capistrano, Ca.
Mar. 27 2008 – Safari Sam’s Los Angeles, Ca.
Mar. 28 2008 -The Independent San Francisco, Ca.
Mar. 29 2008Doug Fir Lounge, Portland, Or.
Mar. 30 2008Chop Suey, Seattle Wa.
Mar. 31 2008TBA, Boise Id.
Apr. 1 2008 – The Palladium Salt Lake City, Ut.
Apr. 2 2008Bluebird Theater, Denver Co.
May 5 2008 – 7:00P- Joe’s Pub, New York Ny.
May 6 20088:00PSchubas, Chicago Il.
May 15 2008 – 9:00PHotel Café, Los Angeles Ca.

Tina Dico website | blog | myspace
Defend Music website

Be sure to check back later this week for a review of tomorrow night’s performance!


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  1. I love her! She’s so wonderful!!
    Lucky you can see her tomorrow night!

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