Birdie Busch – The Fire, Philadelphia Pa.

Emily Anne Valentine Busch, more widely known as Philadelphia darling Birdie Busch, puts on a heck of a show. Whether she’s tuning up before her set, singing, or bantering between songs, Birdie Busch holds her audience rapt with every move. On Valentine’s night, Birdie played at Philadelphia’s The Fire as part of the Northern Liberties Winter Music Festival, a showcasing of Philadelphia’s amazing local acts. Prior to beginning her set, Birdie was running around taking pictures of the other performers and was genuinely excited to see them all perform.

At about 10:45PM, Birdie Busch took the stage and the crowded venue watched quietly as she and her band mates tuned their instruments. The crowd’s anticipation was almost tangible. Birdie told the audience that based on one of those folding paper fortune tellers she’d consulted prior to the show, the crowd would get to see her “destiny merge with infinity” that night. Birdie started off with funky riffs and bluesy vocals with “Roll It” and “Go Go Gadget Heart.” She then regaled the crowd with an anecdote about her greeting card loving father who got so wrapped up in the wording of a card he purchased for Birdie’s mother for Valentine’s Day, that he hadn’t noticed it was a Christmas card. She also mentioned that she’d made Valentine’s for the show that night, which was super cute and totally sweet; I picked up a little heart that said “Philly – For Really” which is now affixed to the dashboard of my car. (Thanks, Birdie!)

As Birdie went into “Bender,” a sweet tune which was a little bit less funky than the two preceeding it, I looked around the venue and noticed it was packed for the first time that night. The acts that preceded Birdie were all wonderful (especially Sisters3 — check them out below), but it was obvious that she was one of the main draws that night, and with good reason. Next up was a cover of Steve Miller Band’s “Wild Mountain Honey,” which is absolutely appropriate for Birdie because she exudes that natural and laid back attitude of the 70s. She followed up with another mellow number and closed out the set with two songs that featured the funky riffs she began the set with.

Birdie’s love for music is made apparent both on stage and off. She entertains her audience with the beautiful songs she produces and her sweet demeanor and vibrant personality makes you want to ask her for tea to chat after the show. If you’re in the New York area this Tuesday night, February 19th, check out Birdie at The Living Room on Ludlow for “The Upstairs Sessions” in Googie’s Lounge for free! I should be there that night to check out Tina Dico downstairs, but I’m sure I’ll make my way up to catch Birdie’s set!

Setlist: Roll It (unrecorded), Go Go Gadget Heart, Bender, Wild Mountain Honey (Steve Miller Band), Lamp Shade (unrecorded), Water, Gigi

Birdie Busch myspace
Bar/None Records website | myspace
Sisters3 myspace

[where: 412 West Girard Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19123]


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