Letter to the Editor

Dear Joshua, I’m wondering if you would like to take back your review that ripped the Ivoryline album back [sic], now that it has reached 15 on the billboard charts.[sic] It has received national media praise, and has left you looking a little like an ass. Seems like it might be a good album after all, right? Do you want to admit that you were wrong? Steve

Dear Steve,

Actually, no. I have no desire to take back the review I wrote regarding the album There Came a Lion, by Ivoryline. I’m pretty sure that if you go back and read my review again, I never said it was a bad album. I said that it sounds like every other band in that genre. It shouldn’t be a shock to anyone at all that this album is finding radio, media, and mainstream praise, as it simply follows the path that other bands took to find success. I want to make it clear, however, that mainstream success and radio play does not mean that I personally am required to give an album a good review. I don’t like everything that Spin, Rolling Stone or Alternative Press deems quality. For example, Spin shunned the new Nada Surf record, which I found wonderful. We are not always going to agree with what the national media projects as outstanding.

Furthermore, wouldn’t you rather read a post written with the author’s honest views, rather than a watered down sample of what everyone else is saying? I certainly don’t feel like it’s my job as a member of the music media to promote everyone in good light, just because I can. I think artist should be required to excel in their field in order to be praised for doing so. It’s called artistic integrity, and in my posts, it’s based on my opinion. And my opinion has nothing to do with the quality of the record. It has to do with how I enjoyed it.

And I did not enjoy Ivoryline. And because of that, I couldn’t care less that everyone else in the world does.

But hey! Thanks for reading PopWreck(oning), assuming you still do!



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  1. Ha!

  2. *applause*

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